Retro Materials For Vintage Kitchens

There are some great retro materials that really have made their way back to the fore in the modern day. Whether it because we have a tendency to enjoy the design of the past, or because we just like the materials, there are certain materials that really have been reborn in the last few years. So, what are they?



Chrome is seen on a lot of kitchen appliances and also fittings such as chrome retro kitchen lights. This is a  real mid-20th century material and one that is certainly more about the magpie affect that for any functional purpose. However in the like of chrome retro kitchen lights it does add to the reflection of light, which may be an addition when lighting up your kitchen.


Retro chrome kitchen lights are a fantastic addition nowadays and though they may mirror the lights of the past. There are all sorts of green benefits to the lighting – something many of us appreciate in these greener times.


With the return of a lot of classic furniture by the Eames’ and Miles Van Der Rohe we have also seen a lot of veneer come back to the fore. Once again, veneer is cheap and attractive, but doesn’t really perform much of a practical purpose. That said, who cares when some of the furniture we have looks the way it does again. Classics never die and if that means using veneer then we’re okay.

Bright Kitchens

Though we’re not on about materials, we would certainly be aware of the emergence of the bright fittings for kitchens in recent years. These very bright colours greatly reflect the kitchens of 40 or 50 years ago, and for the better.

The arrival of magnetic cupboards and drawers has really seen the colourful kitchen return and it has really replaced the wooden and glass alternatives of only a few years ago. Bright kitchens add a bit of the missing excitement from the space and really work with the pop culture return. We love them and really see them as fitting in with the return of the chrome retro kitchen lights.

Free Standing Bath

The free standing bath is also something of desirable in recent times and look in any bathroom suite seller’s window and you’ll see the innards being adorned with one of these items. To be honest it’s no real wonder as the free standing bath can be a really elegant solution to the bathroom. With its chrome, free standing elegant legs and the elegant look it brings, it’s no wonder it’s increasingly popular.

Of course you can add the chrome retro kitchen lights here too, but you’d have to drop the kitchen part. However, with a little bit of careful planning, they’re sure to look the business.

So, have a look at the past and look into the future of design, all that stuff in the attic is set to return again.

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