Roof Replacement For Commercial Buildings

A roof is an important part of any building because it is what keeps the rest of the building safe from the weather elements. Any roof is bound to get old with time, which is why it is absolutely necessary to ensure that the roof is always in great condition. You should hire a roofing contractor to do a roof inspection every now and then so as to ensure that the roof remains in good shape.

Even with regular maintenance, there are times when you need to consider roof replacement for your commercial building. You may be thinking that roof replacement is too expensive but if the contractor says that it is necessary, it may end up being the only solution. Here are some signs that you need a roof replacement.

Single-Ply Roofing.


Continuous Roof Leaks

An old roof is most likely to have leaks every now and then. There are times when a roofing service can repair the leaky parts and the roof can stay in great condition for a while. However, if there are leaks every now and then you need to consider replacing the roof. This is especially so if the leaks happen every time there is rain or snow and occur in different parts of the roof. It means that you will keep dealing with roof repairs that may get more expensive with time. It is best to consider a roof replacement once and for all.

Extensive Damage Due To Storms

If your commercial building has been affected by a storm and has suffered damage that is too extensive for roof repair then you need a roof replacement. This is damage that may be caused by trees falling or strong wind that damages the roofing material. You should get a roofing contractor to tell you the next step. Damage caused by a storm is best-taken care of by an expert. You may not be able to spot some of the interior damage and this could lead to leaks and water damage in the future.

A contractor will know what to look for and tell you the parts that you need to focus on. They will also tell you the best way to handle the roof replacement and ensure that the new roof lasts longer. Damage from a storm may go beyond the eye so it is best for the roofing contractor to have experience with roofs that have endured storm damage. This way, they will know exactly what to look for and advise you accordingly.

Rotting Roof

If your roofing material is falling apart due to rotting then this means that you need to consider roof replacement. This is because a roof repair may not get to all the parts. A roof replacement may be the only viable option. A roof that has signs of mold on the inside and stains from damage that has accumulated over years should be replaced entirely. Replacing will protect the other parts of the building because a bad roof can affect other parts of the structure. It also lowers the value of the building.

Very High Energy Bills

If you have been paying more energy bills than usual then you need to have the roof checked and see if there is a need for roof replacement. The building’s HVAC systems work overtime if there is poor ventilation or roof damage. If it is the cold season then the heater will be losing too much heat because there is heat escaping from the roof due to the damage. This will end up costing you more. It is best to replace the roof even though it costs more at the time, rather than leave the issue unhandled and pay more energy bills every month.

An Accumulation Of Various Roof Damages

There are times when there is just too much damage and there is nothing to do but replace the roof. If there are just a few broken shingles or broken tiles then you can repair the roof. However, if there are missing shingles or tiles, gutters that are not working properly, leaks on various parts of the roof and the roof looks like it is sagging you will need to replace it entirely. If you decide to do repairs, they may end up costing more than a replacement. Furthermore, the repairs may not be enough if the issues are too many.

It is best to hire a proper roofing contractor and get a new roof. The new roof will last longer and you will not have to worry about repairs for a good number of years as long as you have regular roof inspections and maintenance.

Considerations When Replacing A Commercial Roof

Check Your Insurance

Have your contractor help you out with this. Roofing contractors are more familiar with the insurance policies and may be able to get you a new roof at a reduced price if your insurance is valid. Most commercial building owners are wary of roof replacements because they are costly. Having insurance can take care of some of the costs so you will not have to spend too much.

Get Familiar With Commercial Roofing Terms

If you are going to be handling a roof replacement you need to be aware of the most recent upgrades in the market. You should find out what new technology is being used and some of the advancements that can make the new roof last longer. If you had installed the roof years before the replacement you may not be aware of these things. It is good to be updated so that you choose the best quality and durable replacement materials.

Get Price Quotes Beforehand

It is advisable to get the price quote of the roof replacement before you sign the contract. Ensure you ask the Armor Services roofing contractor if there are any instances that may prompt the increase of the initial price. keep in mind that new roofing materials will probably cost more than the first time you installed the roof, so you will need to have saved up some money and have a clear budget.

Erin Emanuel