Roofing Maintenance Tips to Keep Your House in Tip Top Shape

Investors usually houses to live or to sell it off at a later date and every house owner knows that the condition of the roof, kitchen and bathroom will decide the asking price of your house. One should NEVER reveal the sell-off price you have in mind and instead ask buyers what they are ready to offer and then drive a hard bargain.  You can do so only if you create a brilliant first impression by proper maintenance of roof and keeping it in tip-top condition.

proper maintenance of your roof

Inspect properly and regularly: Never stand of the roof yourself; ask a skilled professional to do it. Ask them tocheck the roof for sagging cement or other signs of ageing like algae, moss or heavy leaves. Inspect your attic ceiling for signs of water. Getting the roof inspected by a professional is important at least once in a year. Breakdown maintenance proves to be far more costly than preventive maintenance and you should overcome lethargy and get inspections done in time. It will be a good habit to develop if you can set aside some money each month for preventive maintenance and repair.

Do not let water collect. Whisk it away: Come rain, shine or ash cloud, under no circumstance should water collect on your roof as it will create seepage and destroy the inner linings of the rooms. If drainage is blocked either due to lost tennis balls, cloth rags, shuttle cocks, then it can create a pool of water that will home to bacteria and you might need to get pest control done for proper maintenance of your roof.

Keep the ventilation perfect: Roof shingles are basically a type of roof covering having an overlapping design. Cracking or curling of roof shingles means that the ventilation needs to be fixed. Nowadays roof shingles made of plastic, fibre, metal are offered at economical costs which prove to be quite durable. The interesting thing is that you can now get roof shingles that look like wood but are made of steel. The nails holding the shingles together should also be in perfect condition.

Points to note:

  • Getting insurance for roofs that are over ten-year-old is tough.
  • Hiring a seasoned practitioner in the building construction trade who enjoys good word of mouth publicity in your circle is a wise idea.
  • Never make any kind of compromises when it comes to home improvement.
  • Never entrust the job of roofing to a general handyman and always hire a specialist agency for this job.

Conclusion:Most people live in apartment complexes where the society takes up the task of cleaning and maintenance but if you have your own independent villa, bungalow or duplex, this responsibility falls on your shoulders. With some little repairs here and there, owners of independent houses can keep their houses looking like new and need not have to buy new houses for generations. Apartments tend to lose their sheen after 15-20 years and their rental value goes down.

Erin Emanuel


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