Making Room: What to Think About When Moving Your Parents In

If you’re considering moving your elderly parents into your home, you’re aware of what an important decision it can be. Before you make such a large life change, there are many factors to take into consideration. Make sure you’ve looked over all the options necessary.

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What Care is Needed?

The first and most important issue to address is the type of care your parents require. Do they suffer from any chronic or acute conditions? If your parents do suffer from an illness, you may need to fully educate yourself on the home health care required for them to live with this challenge. Prepare yourself for their future needs, as their condition may progress and change over time. Even if your parents are currently healthy, you need to consider future healthcare issues that may possibly arise.

How Much Care Can You Provide?

Caring for your parents is a loving decision. However, taking care of an elderly individual is a time-consuming, and sometimes emotionally exhausting task. You must realistically evaluate what care you can provide in your home. Be honest with yourself as to the depth of care you can provide. What are your comfort levels regarding their personal care? Can you manage and organize aspects of their life such as medications and doctor appointments? If you also work a full-time job and take care of your own family, you may be spreading yourself too thin.

Is Your Home Ready for an Elderly Resident?

Your elderly parents may face mobility challenges. Preferably, your parents will not need to climb any stairs to live comfortably in your house. If this is not possible, you may need to consider accessibility renovations for safety’s sake. Can they access a bathroom easily? Will your parents enjoy a comfortable level of privacy while living in your home? Take a look around and decide if bars or lifts need to be installed.

How Will Your Family Adjust?

Moving your parents into your home is a fantastic opportunity for your children to develop a close bond with their grandparents. However, if your parents are in failing health, the extra time for care needed may cause some stress in your family. Make sure your spouse is supportive of their in-laws moving into your home. Your family and marriage will need to adjust to caring for your elderly relatives, so make sure you’re prepared for change in your life.

Can Your Parents Contribute Financially?

Moving someone into your home is a big change for both your lifestyle and your finances. You need to consider what resources your parents can offer the household. Maybe they can contribute to housing or food costs, or chip in with household and childcare. There is no singular solution to this financial change, so your family needs to honestly discuss how resources will be handled as a mixed household.

Moving your parents into your home may be one of the biggest decisions you face as an adult. Honestly examine your living situation, home, and finances to make an educated decision as to your best option. Make sure you take sufficient time to research all possible solutions to your parents’ living situation.

Erin Emanuel