Round vs. Oval Frameless Mirror: Which one is best for a small bathroom?

Whether you are remodeling your bathroom or you’re just updating your bathroom mirror, the right choice can change the whole appearance. It is all up to you to choose either a framed or a frameless mirror, but the question emerges when it is about a round or oval mirror for your bathroom. However, the right selection is a necessity because a mirror is an essential decor item for your bathroom, which acts both ways, aesthetically and functionally. By the installation of the right type of mirror, your ‘small bathroom’ will be provided with more sensation of space, adjusts of bathroom lighting, and much more.

So, if you’re all done with the remodeling of your bathroom, the tiles are done, the fittings are installed, and all the remaining things are on point, now it is the time to select the perfect mirror. Most of us underestimate the importance of the final touch by adding certain accessories and mirrors–they make a huge difference! So, let’s initiate our discussion on the best two types of mirrors; round and oval mirror and which one of them is best to be used in smaller bathrooms.


Unique features of Round and Oval-shaped frameless mirrors

Both round and oval mirrors are a popular choice for smaller bathrooms, and both of them have their unique features. Let’s start with oval-shaped mirrors.

Oval-Shaped Frameless Mirror

Mirrors are a must when it comes to bathrooms. They are not only used for seeing purposes, but they also help us to enhance the size of the room (psychologically), make the lighting even prominent, and there are numerous other benefits too. Oval-shaped frameless mirrors give style to your bathroom’s oasis. It gives your bathroom a sophisticated yet stylish look. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that an oval-shaped mirror is the queen of all types of mirrors! A delicate and soft subtle softness is provided by oval mirrors, and these aren’t provided by any of the large wall mirror due to the angular corners and sides that they feature.

An oval-shaped mirror is a classy choice for smaller bathrooms; it opts for the creation of an organic flow on to the wall of your bathroom and not just this, but is also very visually calm. Due to its shape, you get to see more of yourself when compared to a round mirror.

Round-shaped Frameless Mirror


If you are looking for balance, perfection, and geometric precision, then you should look for nothing else but a round-shaped frameless mirror. There is no doubt in knowing that one of the most precise and a perfect shape in geometry is the round shape.  Such mirrors change the whole look of a smaller bathroom. They are softer and provide a classy yet glamorous look to the bathroom by enhancing its spaciousness and making it look bigger. Moreover, round mirrors are versatile; they can be fit in any place as per the requirements and formats. So, complement your smaller bathroom with a decorative yet dynamic round mirror.

An Oval Shaped Mirror Can be used horizontally and vertically

Due to their unique yet delicate shape, you can use these mirrors at any angle you like. They can be used vertically as well as horizontally. So, if the size of your sink isn’t cooperating with the vertical placement, you can simply opt for the horizontal installation. Trust us, no matter what the placement style is, it is sure to look equally good in both forms.

Which One Is Ideal For a Small Size Bathroom & Why?

Both round and oval frameless mirrors are unique on their own. It would be hard to conclude which one will be best for smaller bathrooms as both of them are equally good. Both types of these mirrors will be a great contrast for smaller bathrooms. It is all up to you how you carry them. However, it is recommended that if you are looking for something classy, then opting for oval mirrors is going to be the right choice, and if you’re looking for something cool yet dynamic, then placing a round-shaped mirror would be the best choice for you. It is unthinkable to imagine a bathroom without a mirror as it doesn’t only work on the functionality principles, but it allows the significant reflection of light and makes the room look even more spacious and bigger, and not just this, but also serves the decoration purposes.

In a Nutshell

Now, you know the difference between a round-shape and an oval-shaped frameless mirror. It would be easier for you to select which one will suit the best for your smaller bathroom. Moreover, both of these are a popular choice when it is about the bathroom mirror. So, get these mirrors installed and deflect and activate different energies in your bathroom along with making it look bigger and prettier.

Erin Emanuel