7 Steps in Achieving Royal Bedroom Look

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in a palace or a mansion to give you such a classy and noble feel? Well, it’s totally not an impossible idea because creating your own royal bedroom would only need your creative mind and hands to work together. Here are ways to get your simple bedroom turn into a grandiose and majestic one that you may have only seen in movies and magazines before.

traditional bedrooms decorating ideas


1. Consider a high bed with thick comforters.

The bed is, of course, the highlight of any bedroom in the world. With this in mind, choosing a high and most preferably a queen or king-size bed with thick comforter and pillows is the basic to start a regal bedroom. Adding a canopy can also help add a luxurious yet traditional impression in the room.

2. Choose long curtains.

Putting long curtains and drapes that reach the floor to cover the windows definitely gives a sophisticated look. While it should match the design and color of the bed, long and thick curtains offer a powerful mood which makes it an integral part to complete a fortress atmosphere.

bedroom curtain ideas

3. Install fancy lights.

Lights are key to express the room’s imperial concept more. Installing yellow lights would instantly give off an elegant and warm ambience especially with the presence of a nice chandelier. Lamps would also do if a chandelier is too big for you.

4. Decorate with class.

Displaying antique-like objects, fixtures and furnishings can enhance your room as well to become perfectly like that of a royalty. You don’t really have to buy really old and expensive items similar to those sold in auctions if budget will not suffice. There are also several items and furniture sold that have antique styles and vintage feels. Such furniture may include cabinets, drawers, side tables, candle holders, lamps and flower vases for a more aristocratic flair in the room.

bedroom decorating ideas

5. Put artsy mirrors.

Mirrors with nicely engraved edges and border designs heighten the room’s royal look. Especially if you choose those that have glittery and antique-like frames on them, a chic yet timeless touch would complement the whole look of the room. This can not only function as an accessory but it can also make the place look bigger.

6. Choose the right color.

If you want to achieve a royal highness’ bedroom look, then gold and other warm colors are usually the colors to be. Choosing items and furniture in these colors to be put in your room are the safest to represent like that of kings’ and queens’. These colors also add more glamour than any other color but if you want to have a princess or prince’s room concept, you may also opt to choose colors violet, pink or blue. These colors radiate a lighter mood that would be more suitable for the younger ones.

7. Clean your room.

To complete the royal look of your bedroom, make sure that your room is always neat and clean. The bed, curtains, furniture and other elements in the room will have no noble effect if your things are scattered all over the place and if there are insects crawling in your room. Arrange your things in order and always put them back to their rightful place after use or you might just look like a bratty royalty. Because wooden objects can also be significantly found in your royal room such as the bed, tables and cabinets, ensure that they would not be lived by insects like termites. This can be prevented with good hygiene and by applying insect or termite controls such as products offered by Sentricon Philippines. Always sweep and mop the floor as well to keep it clean and sparkling or wash the carpet regularly if you use one.


Decorating your room to become like those seen in castles and palaces is certainly easy with these steps. Just plan and keep a vision of the design of your dream room to help you decide on what color and types of furniture you would need. And lastly but most importantly, don’t forget to always clean your room to maintain its sparkling and royal vibe.

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YyannaReema Marquez is a student – writer based in Manila, Philippines. A student of Interior Design, she loves to eat ice cream and watch basketball games. Follow her on Twitter.

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