Rustic Furniture throughout Ages

People have been using different types of furniture for thousands of years. Table, sofa, beds and a variety of other pieces of furniture have been used by people since ages. Nowadays, there is a huge demand for rustic furniture. Rediscovered in the 1800s, this style of furniture has become very popular with people because it allows people to come closer to nature. It features pieces of furniture that are made mainly from naturally occurring materials. Even in the ancient times, people used to make furniture made from natural substances. Thus, we can say that this style of furniture has actually been around for a long time.

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Ancient Egypt

The Egyptians were one of the earliest civilizations to use furniture made of natural substances. Their furniture was characterized by its simplicity of structure, using wooden pegs and elementary junctions. The decoration was geometric using bright colors. Beds, tools, tables etc. were adorned with carvings, inlaid with gold, ivory and fine woods. To paint the furniture, woods, mainly timber would be dipped in natural coloring substances for a long time and then dried for getting the desired color. In this way a lot of different colors were given to household furniture. Even today, many Middle Eastern cultures use this method for making different types of furniture.

Medieval Period

Even during the medieval times, the practice of creating product from natural substances was prevalent. The ornamentation of medieval furniture was inspired by the architecture of that time. Chests and cabinets of that period were decorated with arches (Aubazine cabinet), while beds and chairs made during that period were decorated in gothic style. During the Renaissance, artists and craftsmen from Europe started expressing their art in everything they created. This led to the creation of a variety of unique pieces of furniture that were artistic in nature. The houses would be decorated with fine pieces of art that made people aware of their state of enlightenment.

Romanesque Period

During the Romanesque period, the lavish ornamentation of furniture was often confined to a sheath of painted leather. This partly explains why people have found so little furniture of that time, because once the leather faded away, the furniture did not have any decorative interest and so it would be used as fire wood. This is why, people in the later periods stopped using leather and depended on bentwood, twigs and other natural substances for creating pieces of furniture that will last long. This practice continued for a very long time and was even adopted by later cultures in the western world.

Use of Wood in Rustic Furniture

The use of wood has been a constant feature in the creation of rustic furniture throughout ages. Wooden products have a charm of their own and so any kind of wooden furniture is never out of fashion. Among all the rustic wooden furniture, oak wood furniture is considered the most stylist and classy. This is the reason why furniture made of oak wood is highly in demand and is used by people around the world to decorate their houses. It might be a little expensive compared to other types of rustic furniture. However, products made of oak wood look great and last long because of which they are worth the money.

Nineteenth Century United States

During the 1800s, people in the United States rediscovered the beauty and value of making furniture from natural substances, especially wood available from the locally grown trees. The craftsmen had the humblest of materials at their disposal and yet they created the most beautiful prices of furniture possible. People, who were facing a lot of economic hurdles, loved the fact that they could purchase beautiful pieces of wooden furniture that did not cost much.

In the Modern Era

Even today, rustic furniture is very popular and people like them because of their design and sophistication. They are available in many stores and they allow people to decorate their houses in style. If you want to make your house look more stylish, you can opt for rustic furniture. Go ahead and order some pieces of rustic furniture today. To know more about Rustic Furniture click here

Erin Emanuel