Safeguarding your Stairs – How to protect Tiny Toddlers

Being a parent is can be difficult at times. Your young one is exploring the world around them from the moment they learn to walk. Keeping them safe at all costs is a natural goal for any parent, and yet the home offers an array of threats that need to be protected against in order to protect little ones. Amongst these includes rounding off any sharp or dangerous corners, additional safety precautions in the bathroom and, of course, safeguarding your stairs.

There are horrific statistics gathered by hospital departments about child falling. A huge 40% of all accidents to toddlers, below the age of five, are as a direct consequence of falling when walking, running, or traversing stairs. The number of those who sustain a head injury are even more terrifying, with the number resting at 76%. It is easy to see how these statistics can motivate any parent to make changes to their staircase. Safety is king after all.

Safeguarding Your Stairs

So how can mothers and fathers protect their little ones from knee abrasions or head injuries when going between floors? There are several ways for safeguarding your stairs. These range from practical solutions involving preventative methods of stopping your child from falling down the stairs to more emotionally based solutions to increase individuality.

A traditional stair gate is a fine example of a preventative measure. Stair gates can be installed at the topmost part of the stairs to avert treacherous falls, or installed at the base to discourage keen pioneers.

Wall mounted and screw adjustable stair gates are available.

There are also several options available for increasing your child’s autonomy as they grow. One simple method is to hold their hand as they traverse floors. Alternatively, as a more enduring solution that helps children gain their own independence – have a second handrail installed at a lower level. This will allow them to potter and explore without needing a hand to hold.

A Little Extra Hand for Safeguarding Your Stairs

The infographic below shares various different methods of safeguarding your stairs in order to safeguard little people from unnecessary accident.


Erin Emanuel