Three Ways To Save On Lawn Care

The most awaited season of the year is here! Summer’s the perfect time for all sorts of activities, with the kids free from school and non-working holidays lined up for the adults. The respite from the frigid temperatures of the previous seasons definitely calls for frequent celebrations. Barbecues, pool parties, picnics, yard sales, lemonade stands – all these are perfect for beautiful, warm days.

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It would be just awesome if the yard’s ready for all these activities, but most of the time, during the summer property owners find that lawn care and maintenance cost too much. So as much as they want to maintain curb appeal, the price of doing so prompts them to just let nature do its thing — thus, their yards, from being healthily green, turn unfortunately brown.

Budget-friendly lawn care is possible and should be tried by property owners. Of course, professional services yield optimal results, but property owners can surely do their bit to prevent their gardens and lawns from looking hauntingly barren because of the heat — and they won’t even have to spend hundreds of dollars. There are highly effective ways to carry out frugal lawn care; property owners just need to dedicate some time and creativity, and their property will look lush and refreshingly abundant throughout the summer. Listed below are these strategies.

1. Give the lawn mower a rest and let the grass grow slightly higher during the summer — and don’t cut them below three inches.

Short grass tends to get really stressed during dry months and require frequent watering. Taller grass, on the other hand, tends to be more resilient. You can cut your water bill in half and you also wouldn’t need to reapply fertilizer often.

2. Water deeply, not frequently.

According to the professionals in lawn care, while watering less frequently during the summer may seem counterintuitive, it may actually be better for the grass. The better thing to do is really soak the lawn just twice a day (morning and evening).This will encourage roots to grow deeper and reach for underground water. With this strategy, even if the top soil appears parched, grass and plants will remain green because they get enough moisture underneath the surface. It’s an effective cost- and energy-saving gardening tactic.

3. Reduce the size of your lawn.

It won’t be an aesthetic downgrade to cut down the size of the “green.” Actually, you’re just giving your yard a new look by replacing certain grassy areas with plants or flowerbeds. Hardy shrubs and flowers are cheap and do not require much maintenance (some don’t even need fertilizers) – they’ll proliferate without much effort from you. Of course, the purchase will set you back a bit, but the long-term savings from not having to water much, use the lawn mower, and apply fertilizer will easily make up for it.

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