Saving Energy with the Right Roofing

At present, saving energy is a priority for most, if not all, homeowners. Many save energy not only to reduce costs but to also help the environment. If you are a homeowner who wants to spend less for energy and do your part for Mother Earth, start by making some smart decisions regarding your roof.


Go light

There is nothing wrong with choosing a dark roof for aesthetic reasons. This is understandable, as there is no homeowner who doesn’t desire to have a beautiful home. However, if your goal is to save energy,  you have to do without dark roofing. Choose light-colored roofing instead. Since there are many attractive light roofing options, you get to hit two birds with one stone: you get a stylish roof that is also energy efficient.

It is no secret that darker roofing absorbs more heat and makes your home feel warmer. Lighter roofing does the opposite: in fact, by choosing a white roofing, you can reduce the amount of sun’s heat that filters through your ceiling by 50 percent. Imagine how much savings you’ll have in terms of energy costs.

Choose metal

Metal is a great material for roofing because it is sustainable, lasts long and can add to the value of one’s home. It is also made more appealing by the fact that metal effectively shields solar energy and heat. If you are going to choose metal to save energy, go for white metal for better energy efficiency.

Consider other eco-friendly roofing options

If metal is not an attractive choice for you, don’t fret.  There are other eco-friendly roofing options worth considering that will also help you cut energy costs. Materials you should consider for your energy efficient roof include wood, slate and fibre cement.

If your house is made of either stucco or concrete or if your home has a strong enough foundation or understructure to carry a heavy load, think about having clay or terra cotta tiles. Made from sustainable materials, these are heavy but not as porous; this means that they do not absorb too much heat. If you do go for terra cotta roofing, it would be best for you to select the s-shaped or half barrel variety. The raised arch allows air to circulate and thus keeps homes cooler.

Inspect insulation

Before you proceed with having newer and more energy efficient roofing installed, take a look at your insulation first. It is possible that you are spending more money to cool your home because your existing insulation is not doing its job. If you are on a budget and cannot afford a new roof at this point, know that you can still save energy by changing your insulation. Make sure to consult a professional.

Think about roof coating

If you cannot break the bank for a new roof, settle for a roof coating now to save energy. The right coating for your roof can help your home feel less warm. Again, consult a professional before shopping for a roof coating. Otherwise, you may end up with something you won’t be able to use.

Author Bio: This article was penned by Mollie Fitzgerald, a full-time writer who loves working on articles for and about the home. She is currently a regular contributor to

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