What to Look Out For When Searching For Architecture Firm In Dubai

Every other person has their own unique needs when it comes to construction whether of a home or an office. When in Dubai, the hub of architecture, you have the privilege of accessing the best opportunity of having an ideal building. Architecture firms in Dubai are numerous and their capabilities spread far and wide. There are those that will overwhelm you with exotic skyscraper designs and there are those that will afford you homely cool mansions by the beach. Either way, you are in the best place to find great firms that will help you get the best design of a building. Here are some of the things to look out for when searching for an architecture firm in the city.


The firm’s portfolio

In architecture, it is important that a firm showcases its work. In most instances, people get to understand the firm’s capability by the images they have on their portfolio. When searching for the Best architecture firms in Dubai, you should ask them to present you with their portfolio which shows the jobs they have undertaken and completed. Dubai is a diverse city, but the proximity to any one of the locations is not hard. This makes it easy for you to visit the said site and establishing the authenticity of the company’s work.

The firm’s license

All interior design companies in Dubai as well as architecture ones should be duly registered and licensed under the Society of Engineers. When you visit an architecture firm, ask to see their license. It should be well displayed for all members of the public to see. It is good to note the date of issue as is indicated on the license. This is to help you track and confirm the authenticity of the same with the Society of Engineers offices.

The contractors they work with

An architecture company will normally require the services of other service providers such as interior designers, surveyors and so on. The need to know the contractors that an architecture firm in Dubai works with is to establish the overall quality of work to expect once you decide to go with them. Check the standard of work policies that the firm has and the control it has over the work from inception all the way to completion.

Who exactly is going to handle your project?

There are instances where you visit a firm and you get awed by the expertise and experience shown on the portfolio on for the people to be sent to the site turning out to be incompetent. To safeguard yourself from being tricked into taking a raw deal, confirm with the office, whether the person who did all the work on their portfolio is the one to handle your project. Better still; request that the person who is going to work on your project take you through the preliminary stages of your project.

Visit the last project handled

In architecture, it is important that the firm is up to date with the current technology and innovations. You don’t want a firm that uses last decade’s technology in building structures today, especially in Dubai where everything is moving forward. A good and acid test for this is to visit their last site whether completed or not. Based on your dream of your building, you should be able to see whether the firm can deliver quality work or not. If you are looking for good interior design companies in Dubai or just an architectural one, talk to the owners of these premises. See whether they are satisfied with the work or if there are things that you should be wary of before committing pen onto paper.

Customer service


Without a debate, customer service is the pillar of many successful businesses today. If the construction company you are to engage with does not appreciate the importance of customer service, then you should better be running. You can easily gauge the customer service of a company with the way they respond to your queries. You can also read through the reviews which are nowadays readily available on the service that the company offers.

The company’s track record

You are definitely looking for a company that will be the one to build you a magnificent home or an imposing office block. If you were to learn that the company has some fishy history record that would compromise your building’s safety, then you will definitely not hire them. It is important to go to the history books, both of the company and those available to the general public. A company that has had one of the constructed buildings declared unsafe or substandard will definitely not tell you that. It is upon you to search and ensure that you are dealing with the right company.

In conclusion, a diligent customer will always get the best deal from a construction company. On the other hand, a credible and reliable company that is trustworthy will always give its customers the best that the market can afford. Using the available resources today, such as Society of Engineers of Emirates helpdesk to know whether you should go ahead with the company you have in mind. There are also many review forums where customers give feedback on their experience with different companies. By using such readily available and free information, you can rest assured that you find the best company to build you the ideal structure that you yearn.


Erin Emanuel