Six Ways to Secure Your Home on a Budget

Your home has weak points that allow would-be robbers to enter your house. Those include the doors and windows. If your goal is to secure your home on a budget, then here are some excellent tips to help make your home a secure place to live.

secure your home on a budget

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Tips to Shore up Your Homes Doors

Use a contractor to help you assess your doors and windows. Those are the areas of your home which burglars enter. Talk about adding deadbolt locks and crossbar supports that prevent intruders from opening doors. Consider replacing doors that contain glass with doors that are solid hardwood. You can still be stylish with quality doors made of hardwood. There is also various DIY projects that will help improve door strength. Adding chain locks and improved hinges is easy and improves door security. Shop for a used door to help save money.

Improve the Window Security

Windows present two problems: they open and they break. If your home’s doors are secure, the next logical place for a burglar to gain entry is by a window. These easy DIY projects help to secure windows. Use a wooden dowel in the sill to prevent the window from sliding open. Install quality window locks that also help to keep intruders from opening windows. The best bet to reduce the risk of breakage is to install window security film. Not only will window film help keep burglars out, it also adds a safety factor from different events, such as storm damage.

Establish House Rules

It makes little sense to invest in home security if nobody follows the rules. It only takes one instance of leaving the door unlocked for a burglar to gain entry. Sitting everyone down and going over the rules is a good place for the conversation to start. Explain the initiative so everyone understands what is happening and why. Monitor the results and gently remind everyone when there is an infraction. Explain again why this is important and continue to monitor results.

Arm Yourself with Safety

It is a big decision to get a gun. Discounted firearms are often cheaper than buying a gun from a dealer. If you go the gun route, make sure to invest in gun safety and lessons. The gun is only as strong as the person wielding it. Once you learn how safely to use a gun, take it to a shooting range and become familiar with shooting it. The more comfortable you are with a gun, the safer you and your family will be. TIP: Invest in a gun safe to keep all firearms out of the hands of children.

Panic Alarms and Auto Dialers

Have a house alarm installed. Moreover, install panic buttons near the door and in each room of your home. The higher the risk of getting caught, the less likely a burglar is to enter a home. A panic button that sounds an alarm is one way to scare off thieves. It is also a way to keep burglars outside longer. The last thing you want is a potentially armed thief in your home. TIP: A house alarm that auto-dials the police or security company is ideal.

Teach and Enforce Safety Habits

Knowing what to do if someone tries to break into your home is important. Everyone needs to know what to do, and why their actions are important to complete. The best way to teach children is to drill them. Make it a family affair. Show them what their responsibility is and explain to them to err on the side of caution.

These easy and inexpensive tips make your home safer. Consider the cost of upgrading doors as a one-time expense and as an investment in your family’s safety. Many of these tips are perfect for the DIY person. Prevention is also a safety tip. If a home looks risky, thieves may pass it up for easier targets.

Erin Emanuel