Adding Extra Measures of Security to Your Home: A Beginners Guide to Home Defense

For homeowners, the threat of a break-in can put both the safety and financial security of the residents at risk. The loss for an average break-in is $1,675 with one in every 36 homes becoming victim to theft every 15 seconds, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. To reduce your risk and prevent making your home a target, there are several steps to take to maximize your home security.

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1. Use Window Treatments

Keep valuables in the home out of sight by installing window treatments that make it difficult to spot personal belongings. Use blinds, shades, and light blocking curtains that will offer extra security without using a sheer material. It will keep possible intruders from spotting anything that can be stolen when passing by and will also reduce the risk of theft while away from the home.

2. Add Screen Doors

Sixty percent of break-ins occur on the first floor, making it important to secure each point of entry with an extra screen door. The screen door can have a deadbolt lock, making for an extra security measure that will be difficult to get through. Electronic deadbolt locks are the most efficient with the patented digital technology, as well as standard cylinder and single deadbolt locks.

3. Install an Automated Gate

Make it a challenge to enter the property with an automated gate from Lynx Brand Fence Products Ltd. that makes for an extra deterrent to prevent burglars from getting to the front door. The gate will only be able to be opened with a device or a security code that is accessible to the homeowners. The gate also uses irreversibly geared motors to prevent burglars from forcing it open manually. Intruders are much more likely to target a home that is not difficult to enter and will only take a few minutes to break into.

4. Keep Shrubs Trimmed

Although tall and thick shrubs can add privacy to windows, they can also make for a hiding place for intruders. Keep them trimmed and at a low height to make the area visible to other neighbors who are on the lookout. Using column bushes will also work to block off windows from entry.

5. Add Flood Motion Sensor Lights

Flood motion sensor lights detect activity near doors, windows, and on the porch of a home. The lights will immediately highlight a possible intruder and will startle those who have entered the property. Intruders often think that someone is home when the light switches on and often flee due to an uncertainty of those present on the property.

6. Keep Dogs Outdoors

Alert intruders to dogs on the property by keeping pets outdoors, which will allow them to bark at anyone passing by. Burglars are less likely to put themselves in danger with protective dogs and will also become frustrated with the barking, as it easily alerts neighbors of disturbance in the area.

To enhance your home defense and secure it from possible intruders, there are a number of steps and tools available to prevent a break-in. It will not only make your property less of a target, but can offer peace of mind while away from the home.

Erin Emanuel