The Top Three Self Storage Specials You Need To Know About Now

There are, at this time, around fifty nine thousand (59,500) storage facilities around the world. According to data from the Self Storage Association, some self-storage businesses extend special discounts and rewards to certain consumer segments, like military personnel. Those who have a valid military ID could get “one-dollar move-ins,” 10 to 30 percent discount on their rental rates, gift certificates, and no rent increase while deployed overseas. These are just a few of the many privileges they get from their facility service provider. What about you? What self-storage special incentives are you getting from your rented unit? Do you also get the same privileges mentioned or are you getting more?

If you aren’t getting any special discounts or rewards from your current self-storage facility , the one you have chosen, then perhaps it is about time that you made that switch long overdue. With the increasing number of storage facilities these days, competing for your business, you could be missing out on some pretty awesome perks. To help you choose the right facility to temporarily leave your stuff, here are just three of the outstanding self storage specials you should know about.

1. Free Moving Truck and Driver

Rented truck in Madgascar

One of the more bothersome aspects of moving is that if you have not got the money to pay for movers, you would have to transport your stuff to the storage facility at your own expense. Granted, you might not have that many items to move, but the fact is that you will still need a truck to load your things and drive it all by yourself which can leave you weary — and over a hundred dollars poorer. It would be quite costly for you especially if there is no facility close to your place. The cost of renting a truck will depend on the size of the truck you will need to accommodate all your stuff and the distance it has to travel from your place to the facility you got.

By getting a free moving truck and a professional driver with your rented storage unit, you’ll save maybe over a hundred dollars and you won’t be stressed out over handling a 10’ or 20’ truck through traffic.

2. Free Storage

Did you know that some self-storage facilities could give you a hefty price cutoff from your rental rate when you buy packing supplies directly from them? You’re going to need packing tape, bubble wrap, and boxes anyway. Why not get them from a shop that will give you a discount on your storage rental?

3. Referral Perks

Most businesses thrive on referrals. When a customer is deeply satisfied with its service, that customer inevitably makes recommendations to friends and family. Find a self-storage facility that can offer you great perks when you refer a friend or family member to its business. When you refer someone, you could get credit on your storage rental or you could get a cheque in the mail. The more people you refer to the storage facility, the more perks you’ll get.

About the Author: Sarah Miller is a business consultant by profession. She is also a content creator, writer and blogger. Having been exposed to the different aspects and faces of businesses, she frequently does research on useful information regarding the different methods and techniques to further improve business marketing and sales, performance. She shares her knowledge in business through content writing. She recommends fortknox for businesses looking for a good storage facility in Australia.

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