Tips for selling your house online

Selling a house can be a difficult task, especially if you try to do it on your own. One of the ways to reduce stress at this time and to effectively sell your house for good price is to sell it online. There are several factors that affect online sales and here are a few tips that will help you in this task.

selling your house online

What needs to be considered while selling the house online?

  • Target larger customer base: Find the customer base who will be interested to purchase your house. Usually the sellers will benefit from broadening the target audience, the more people who know about the sale, the higher is the number of potential buyers. If there are several people, who want to buy the house, the seller has the upper hand in negotiations and finalizing a better deal for the house.
  • There are over 2 billion people who use the internet which makes it the largest marketplace where one can hunt for potential house buyers on a global scale.

Steps to follow

  1. List the house at a paid sale by owner site: There are several sites that allow sellers to advertise their homes. This allows buyers to get in touch with the sellers. Register at a paid site. Whenever one is listing homes in these sites, it is necessary to research the authenticity of the sites. It should have the following characteristics:
    • High rating in search engines. The way to determine this is to explore search engines for terms that buyers might use in order to search for homes, after running several searches, the site with highest number of results can be found
    • Easy navigation is the key. Buyers are likely to use sites that are flexible enough for them to search by filters such as price, area etc. If a site does not allow them this liberty, they would prefer sites that allow easier navigation and options.
    • Quality has to be assured over the website. Selling houses online is very different from selling them in person. People will have to rely upon pictures and descriptions given online, hence choose a site which includes and displays your high quality pictures of their listings along with clear description fields. This will help to effectively display the property‚Äôs characteristics.
    • Miscellaneous support. Many of these sites offer sellers with extra support and tools like marketing materials, forms, lock boxes among other things. This feature is not mandatory.
  2. List the property at a free sale by owner site: These sites will just give a space for advertising. The seller will have complete control over maintaining the advertisement like posting photos, maintaining the listing and keeping it up-to-date.
  3. Advertise: There are several social media websites available. The seller should use as many advertising platforms as possible in order to reach a greater number of audiences. This helps to let the masses know that the house is for sale. This is a free form of advertisement.
  4. Appoint an online realtor: There are realtors who are set up online to sell properties. If you are unable to handle the online maintenance and enquiries, then these are the people for you. Some of them even arrange for virtual home tours along with photos. They are professionals who will know how to manage enquiries and can negotiate the best price.
  5. Home auctioning: Some websites allow auctioning homes. All they need is an account on the site and a listing with photos.

Extra tips

  • It is advisable to set up a separate email account while dealing with enquiries. It helps to keep a better record.
  • In the house description, mention the best features of the house and information about the neighborhood and facilities.
  • Do remember to remove the listing from all the sites once the house is sold.

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Erin Emanuel