Serene Bedroom Color Ideas

With the chaos of the outer world and our daily grind, finding much needed calm and serenity can be difficult. Even our households can be hectic if we have a barrage of activity from kids, pets, or guests. In need of an escape, our inner sanctum then becomes our most private space—the bedroom.

To make the most of downtime spent in the bedroom, it is necessary to calm elements be incorporated to promote peace and serenity. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using soft, serene hues in place of the cacophony of color that supports energy and excitement.

Quality bedrooms set with this collection of colors with peaceful personas are sure to create your oasis away from the hustle and bustle of the world.


Classic White 

classic-white-bedroomPristine white brings an ethereal quality to the bedroom furniture. While simplistic and classic; white in just the right shade reflects light and makes walls and surfaces glow. Pair white with a soft accent color such as those below for an added layer of calm.

Warm Beige

Soothing in the most natural and organic way, beige brings warmth and comfort to the bedroom. Whether applying beige paint to walls and accents with white trim or using natural wood furniture or beige accents such as window treatments, bedding or flooring.

Light Lavender

An oft-used hue in the bedroom, lavender is a classic choice in quality bedrooms set for relaxation and respite. This pleasing soft hue comes from the lavender plant with a scent used to promote calmness. You can have a just-barely-there shade for the walls or pair with pale white and light green in a floral print on bedding or windows.

Pale Green

This natural shade promotes well-being and health due to its inherent roots of Mother Nature. If you are an outdoor person or plant lover, you will undoubtedly find peace with the use of this hue in the bedroom. Paired with beige or natural woods such as bamboo or pine, pale green on the walls or in differing shades and soft patterns layered on bedding will ease your tired mind and body in a spa-like way.

Soft Blue

Perhaps the most calming and favourite bedroom hue, soft blue is at once serene and relaxing. It is evocative of the sky and sea. Quality bedrooms set with this color on the walls tend to induce slumber. Soft blue is an excellent choice for nursery, master bedroom, guest room, or any other room where relaxation is sought.

Cool Grey 

cool-grey-bedroomGrey tones in the home are at their height in popularity now. From dark grey trim to grey-toned wood floors, this shade is highly desirable as the neutral of choice. For the most smooth application in the bedroom, we suggest using the coolest of greys on the walls as a canvas for white bedding and window treatments.

Now that you have color choices in mind for your bedroom consider a quality bedroom set from 1StopBedrooms to add the finishing touch of peace and serenity to your sanctuary.

Erin Emanuel