Sewer Camera Inspections and How to Find a Contractor

In today’s day and age, going digital is extremely trendy. Social media is blowing up and now you can do virtually everything you need to do to survive over the internet. Life keeps getting more and more fast paced and in order to keep up we have developed ways  to do everything digitally.

Digital imaging is used in the medical field, the military field, the library field, and many more! It is even used in something everyone tries not to think about: plumbing. Thanks to advanced technology plumbers can now use small, waterproof, full color cameras to inspect the drain lines in your home or office.

This drain camera is very tiny and it is attached to a flexible rod. It fits down almost any drain and can travel the curves and bends of the line it is traveling down or up. A plumber can then see what the camera is observing on a mobile device or screen while this tiny camera is traveling through the pipe.

How to Find a Contractor

How cool is that? This camera helps plumbers diagnose problems just like doctors use cameras to diagnose patients problems.

Finding a Plumbing Contractor in Boston

If you’re looking to find a contractor, you’ll want to find one who utilizes this valuable imaging device. Here are some reasons why this option is something you shouldn’t pass up:

You don’t have to second guess plumbing problems

How far down does the clog go? Is there more than one clog? It’s hard to say without a tiny camera to assist the plumber. The pipes could be collecting debris that will build up and turn into a huge clog and nobody would know. The camera provides valuable information that your plumber can use to supply you with a more accurate diagnosis and most importantly a more accurate estimate of cost.

Spot the small problems before they become big ones

Can you tell the plumber exactly how old the pipes are in your home? Even if you moved in 20 years ago you probably don’t know the answer because if the pipes are working then they are out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, pipes don’t last forever and eventually they will force you to deal with the issues that arise. If you use a camera to inspect the insides of the pipes you can keep your drain lines in good shape.

Recover Lost Items

Everyone has dropped a ring down the kitchen sink. Over time rings and many other small objects will probably make their way down your drains- especially if you have small curious children in the house! Unless you witness them being dropped or you can see them then some of these things might end up in the drain without the knowledge of anyone in the household.

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Erin Emanuel