Top 5 Most Shocking Facts About Dreams

Some people claim to dream every night, while the rest say that they don’t dream at all. Regardless, dreams are mysteries that science still cannot explain very well and clearly. Many believe that they are reminders of the past and are just part of the subconscious. However, there are dreams that tell about the future as well. In this article, we will tackle the top five most shocking facts about dreams.



1. Blind people also have dreams.

You might think that dreams are those images captured by your brain while you’re awake. While this may be somewhat true, most of it is false. Studies state that even the blind have dreams. Their dreams do not consist of images but of other things taken by their senses such as sounds, emotions from understanding of points and scents that they remember.

2. Dreams can be controlled.

Most of the time, you cannot control what happens in your dreams. It is like watching a movie play in any theater and enjoying the show until you wake up. However, there have been practices made known as lucid dreaming or conscious dreaming which now enables people to set the direction and partake into characters in the dream. Just like in a free world, a trained individual in lucid dreaming is able to do everything the mind says. Examples are the words to be said, traveling to different places, traveling back in time and even flying.

3. Dreams are symbolic.

As a deeply symbolic language, dreams are always subject and open for different interpretations. For instance, dreaming about flowers may mean a lot of things, depending on the type of the flower. Seeing daisies in a dream means there are issues or concerns to be solved in real life. A white rose means purity, while a black one means death. Different objects when put into actions in dreams would also have different meanings. For example, a simple mattress represents comfort or a woman. However, when you see that someone is selling a mattress in a dream, this means divorcing one’s wife. In real life scenario, if you have a sick wife, then selling your mattress might be the cause of her death in illness.

Approaching a dreams interpreter may also help you in deciphering what your dreams mean in each setting and timing. This is especially useful if you are looking for signs in your life that might appear in dreams.

4. All people dream.

In conjunction to what’s been said in the intro, all people dream but 12% of the total population dream only in black and white. The fact is that up to 60% of people forget about their dream so they think they did not dream at all. To test this, you may set an alarm and wake up in the wee hours of the morning. In most cases, it is during this time that stories in dreams arise. You may even have more than three dreams in one night. The count depends on the number of REM cycles you have. One cycle lasts for about one to two hours. Make sure you get all the details in your dream and write down all things you see upon waking up.

5. There really are sleep orders and sleep paralysis.

If you found heaven or paradise on earth on a bowl of your favorite sweets, you may find hell on earth via dreams. It has been concluded that there are more negative events happening in dreams than positive ones, even if a person has a downright positive outlook on life. Dreams turn out to be nightmares and people get scared to go back to bed and sleep.

Suffering from sleep paralysis is most horrible. It is either you cannot move your body as if it is paralyzed and your mind is about half awake or completely awake, or you sense an evil figure in your dream and you just cannot breathe. The situation may get worse and result to some death. Terror and anxiety are both experienced for reason still unknown.


The fact remains dreams may appear to be friendly and nice or magical and dark. You would never know what you will dream about next unless you close your eyes and sleep or take a nap. Dreams are seriously interesting encounters that require creative problem solving.

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