Short on Space? The Magic of Functional Furniture

One of the main complaints of homeowners and renters alike is that they don’t have enough space. However, thanks to the magic of functional furniture, you can create more space than you ever imagined without changing the footprint of your home. There is a wide variety of unique products on the market that are stylish, comfortable and practical, making the most out of the space in every room in your home.



Creative ideas for the kitchen

Not everyone has the luxury of having a pantry in their kitchen, yet we all have an array of condiments and spices that need a home. For those with limited space, a pullout pantry is the perfect piece of furniture to install. A slim pantry that is nestled next to the refrigerator or against a wall can provide you with a huge amount of storage in an extremely small footprint. The slim design also helps you view everything you have stored quickly and easily.

Another great space saver is a functional bar station that serves multiple purposes. There are home bars available that have a cabinet to store liquor bottles, a rack to hold wine bottles, a counter-top that functions as a bar, and a rack to hang wine glasses from, all in one piece of beautiful furniture. Even better, some of these pieces are on wheels, allowing you to move them around as needed.

Design ideas for the den

When it comes to your den or living room, comfort is king. You want a cozy space that still provides enough room for family and friends to gather. Consider a modular sectional sofa that can be configured to fit the unique footprint of your room, making sure no space is wasted. The perfect complement to a sectional is a large ottoman that doubles as storage, providing a perfect place to store your blankets.

Drop down desks are another popular trend that are providing serious space savings. These are wall-mounted fold-down pieces that provide a workspace when you need it. When you’re finished, simply fold it back up flat against the wall. There is a wide variety of different styles and sizes, many of which include shelving or cubbies for storage.

Bonus space in the bedroom

The bedroom is another room where you can make smart furniture decisions to save space. Consider a captain’s bed that has built-in drawers under the mattress. Or find a bed that has a bookcase built into the headboard. At the foot of your bed, consider placing a bench that doubles as storage for blankets or shoes. The ultimate space saving solution in the bedroom may be the Murphy bed, a hinged bed that is stored vertically inside of a shallow cabinet in the wall, to be pulled down onto the floor only when needed.

No matter how much space you have to work with, you can always use functional furniture to give yourself more room to spread out. Talk to the furniture professionals like those at The New Oak Tree to see what solutions would work best for you.

Erin Emanuel