Best way to show off your love for your furry friend – Animal Doormats

Are you a dog lover? Is your home packed with furry friends roaming around the house? Many homeowners have pets, although very few make their residences pet-friendly. Decorating a space and making it seem appealing for friends and family is easier said than done. But if you have a developed sense of humor it shouldn’t be that difficult. They say a dog is a man’s best friend, so why not give yours the treatment that he deserves; at the end of the day all you want to see when you walk into your home is a wagging tail seeking for attention.

Have you ever thought of decorating your home with animal doormats? These are incredibly funny, not to mention sarcastic and even a little mean, but in a good way. There are all sorts of models available in the marketplace, although it is fundamental to focus your attention on quality. Let’s not forget we’re talking about an entrance mat whose main job is to prevent dirt and grime from damaging your precious home.


Choosing the best doormats for our home

A doormat’s main function is to absorb moisture and dirt from people’s shoes. They can look great too, especially because they complement an entrance. Animal doormats in particular are the funniest; good quality mats are worthy of a more substantial investment because they have a dual purpose – functionality and design. It would be great if you could place two doormats in your home, one on the outside (coir, rubber, and bamboo are excellent materials) and one on the inside (cotton can be a great choice).

Scraper mats made of coir are the best because of their power to remove debris and dirt; these should be followed by a second barrier of matting on the inside, just to make sure your home is preserved fresh and clean.

Personalized doormats

Who doesn’t love an interesting doormat? Those that are customized are the best; the marketplace is packed with cute entrance mats for people’s private spaces. Whether you’re searching for the perfect mat for your porch or you’d like one for your hallway, you should know that the variety is endless. Here are some funky examples you might want to consider for your precious home.

  • “Wipe Your Paws” Doormat

This idea of a mat is both practical and cool. It is a perfect addition into a pet-friendly home. Place the doormat in front of your porch and your guests will immediately observe your sense of humor. Simple yet extremely appealing, a “Wipe Your Paws” doormat might just be exactly what your home needs to look interesting. Opt for a solid type of material, such as olefin. It is a strong, resilient synthetic material that resists stains and other chemical substances; due to its synthetic nature olefin is resistant to moisture and mildew-related contaminants and damage.

  • “Chihuahua” Doormatchihuahua-door-mats

This idea of a doormat can be customized according to your own preferences. It doesn’t have to be a Chihuahua, although if you place a “Beware of the Rottweiler” doormat at the entrance, people might freak out.

  • “Big Dog Inside” Doormat

Now this could be a great idea to fool potential burglars, or just scare away annoying neighbors. A “Big Dog Inside” doormat may also show that you’re a funny person with a really developed sense of humor. Smart people will immediately realize that you probably have a really “evil” Yorkshire terrier.


A doormat for your furry friend

We talked about the best doormats for our home, as well as about the most interesting pet-friendly mats. But what about mats FOR our dogs? Believe it or not, pets love to sleep on rugs. Showcase the love that you have for them and invest in good-quality mats. Materials such a coir and rubber will exceed all their expectations, not to mention that these will also protect the floor from dirt and other harmful bacteria.

Animal doormats with funky messages, customized mats made of various materials, scrapers, and anti fatigue flooring mats are all viable solutions of protecting our homes, offices and even our health. Sadly, very few people invest in quality. Spending $20 on a mat and cleaning it every half a year is not a very smart way of valuing your hallway’s marble floor. It is important to invest in quality because this is a sure way of protecting the spaces that you love most.

Doormats are more like a protective layer to your home’s flooring. They come in a wealth of types and varieties, and they can be incredibly stylish too. Pick the ones that best match with your personality and give a twist to your average hallway décor. Make sensible choices and you’ll have a clean, modern residence with happy pets and healthy kids.


Erin Emanuel