Significance of Skirting Boards for Bamboo Flooring!!

bamboo-flooringSkirting boards that are widely popular as the baseboards provide an attractive and decorative finish that can genuinely bring life to a room. The skirting boards are generally used to conceal the gap between the floor and the plaster that greatly helps in preventing any kind of damage to the plaster. Several years ago, skirting boards were there to protect the walls as well as floors near the dent that stand too close to each other. These skirting boards are used to protect the walls from daily knocks as well as scuffs along with providing the best possible durability as well as resistance to the surface.

These skirting boards can also prove to be one of the most decorative elements of your house. As it is widely available in a variety of profiles right from simple to modern that furthermore elaborates to the ornate elements. Especially, for those customers who prefer bamboo skirting would love to have pine painted white skirting boards in combination with the bamboo floors. Here we are discussing the significance of the skirting boards especially for the bamboo flooring. So, let’s go ahead with the discussion:

Understanding the Facts About Bamboo Flooring: Almost all types of the wooden floors use to expand as well as contract within the unstable as well as varying humidity and temperature conditions. As this is one of the natural processes this could not be stopped or restricted. The similar way, bamboo floors also expands as well as contracts just the same way as any other natural hardwood floor. As a result, it is important to test its features before it is being installed at any of the floors.

Generally, the bamboo needs a required space for contraction as well as expansion, and so it is advisable to keep a minimum of 20mm gap between the edges of two different planks. Also, it would allow some space in adjacent to the wall just in order to allow required space for the plank’s movement. This gap is then carefully and neatly covered by the white skirting boards. In case, if there is no gap allowed between walls and skirting boards and were forcefully set up against the planks then it would ultimately result in serious damage when the expansion of bamboo floor takes place.

This would ultimately create an ugly gap between the spaces when the bamboo floor is being contracted.

Use of Skirting Boards: The skirting boards along with protecting the walls as well as floors near the dent provide an ultimate solution for hiding cables as well as power points. It is strongly advisable that the skirting boards should be installed right at the end of the construction or completion of any project. This will result into a neat cabling that is being attached to the walls as well as the power points while hiding them with the beautiful skirting. As a result, the messy cables get covered within beautiful patterned skirting boards and will be out of your sight. Another great benefit related to the usage of skirting boards is that you can have easy access to the cables when you need them to the cables or power point. You just have to remove the skirting boards in order to get behind without too much hassle instead of damaging the plasterwork while fixing and finishing it afterwards.

As the skirting boards provide the most decorative finish to the house, it offers the best finishing options for the bamboo floorings too. Thus, the bamboo flooring is quite popular among those homeowners who love to install skirting boards to have a decorative finish of their interiors.

Erin Emanuel

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  1. Using skirting boards when installing bamboo flooring is really good to know. I was right about to go ahead and install my bamboo floor until I read this information about skirting boards. Having all of those gaps between the floor that the plaster concealed would be ideal, so taking time to install them before laying down my bamboo floor would be a good idea. Thanks for the tips!

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