Signs That You Might Need Home Repairs

Ahh, your humble abode—is there anything better than being home, sweet home? This is particularly true if you’ve landed the house of your dreams, even if it is a fixer-upper. Whether you bought a home that needs a bit of elbow grease or not, there are ways to know when it could use some tender loving care. It just takes a bit of paying attention, which is easy to do when you love where you live. It’s your baby! And you want to give it the care that it deserves, as a poorly tended-to house is not one that looks or feels good to inhabit. There are cosmetic fixes and more dire needs, but the one thing you don’t want to do to your house is neglect it. Read on for some blatant and other rather subtle signs that your home might need repairs.


The Foundation is Cracking

We tend to our faces cracking—why not our houses? The simple answer to that is—whether it’s subconscious or not—many of us don’t pay attention to a crack here and there. When they start adding up, though, you could be in trouble. As with anything in life, it’s not good to have a shaky foundation. And you might be tempted to put off fixing this, as it’s expensive and isn’t very readily noticed to the average eye. Procrastinating these fixes will only cost you, though, so be sure to look out for things like cracked crown molding, cracks in tile, warped ceilings, and even doors and windows that open properly. This last one might not just be a nuisance—it could be a sign that your foundation isn’t as strong as you might have thought.

Home Repairs

You’ve Got Unwanted Guests (The Multi-Legged Kind)

Not only are bugs considered gross by the clear majority of people, but they are also a sign that your home might have gone past the point of needing renovation. The temptation to think that termite inspections are a giant racket needs to be put out of our minds, as the truth is these annoying buggers do indicate a need for repairs. If you’re infested, you’ve got rotting wood and probably more, so it’s time to renovate STAT.

You not only need to take care of termites for your own peace of mind, but your home also won’t pass inspection if you eventually try and sell it with infestations. This is exactly why the folks at webuyhousesdenver always ensure any home they are renovating is free of termites. The last thing anyone needs when putting down roots at the home of their dreams is pests of any kind.

Your Bathrooms and Bedrooms are Outdated

As much as we love living in our homes, we love the idea of reselling it for more, too. There are exceptions to this, of course, but many homeowners know that they will either want to or must sell their home at some point, so resale value is crucial. Common knowledge in real estate is that a newly remodeled bathroom and/or kitchen will give you the most bang for your buck when looking to sell it. You don’t have to go for a full remodel by any means, but replacing old or faulty appliances and floors and choosing pleasant paint colors will go a long way in appealing to possible buyers.

Floors are Looking Worn

Cracks in tiles could indicate that the wall could rotating which, again, speaks to a structural issue. But even if this isn’t the case, cracked flooring is unsightly. Cleaning tile floors is a task in and of itself, but a crack is an indication that It’s either time to replace it or perhaps switch to wood floors. These are great for resale value and easy to maintain. If your carpet looks worn, it can detract from the overall beauty of your home. Carpets need to be replaced every 10 years but if it looks worn before this, go for it. It’s amazing what new carpeting and/or floors can do to the overall appearance of a room and, in turn, your home.

Don’t ignore these signs that your home needs repairs. Address them up front to maintain a home that’s worth living in and will also fly off the market when it comes time to sell.

Erin Emanuel