Simple Home Repairs To Stay Active This Winter

Do you feel a bit down and lazy during cold winter months? Although you see there are some repairs to do around the house, you just can’t find the proper motivation to get the job done, and keep postponing it? Well, it is quite the time to do something, to snap out of winter slumber, and be productive. Trust me, you will feel better, and in addition, your house will benefit also. These are several tips on what you could do, and feel free to go through all of the items from this list, and to fix those problems.


Doors and windows


One thing is good connected with winter. Draft. No, it is not good for your health, but it is good to show you where does your house loses heat. Drafty windows can be repaired with some putty, and if your doors are a bit higher, cold air will enter beneath it. You can put “draft snake”, made of old socks, or replace doorstep, which is a bit bigger undertaking, but also can be done. While you are there, check doorknobs, if they need to be replaced, and also if you notice squeaky hinges, feel free to oil them. This prolongs its lifespan, and eliminates that irritating sound as well. On the other hand, if repainting is required, this is also great exercise, for sanding and painting will keep you busy and occupied for some time.


Ever-cramped with a lot of things, this room in most of the cases simply cries out for cleaning. Sort out all of the equipment and tools, so they will be at your disposal, and also return any tools you might forgot to return to their owners. If you are not skilled with the electricity, it is not recommended to tinker around doors, and call electrician instead, if you noticed any malfunctions and problems. Whole cleaning can take you a day, depending on the amount of things inside, but it will also keep you focused on what you are doing.



If you think that for its small surface, this room requires lesser maintenance, you are wrong. There are a lot of things that you use daily, and don’t mind its condition. Water valves might be rusty, so you can simply replace those with new ones. Procedure is not complicated, and while there, check if the tubes needs to be replaced too. Ceramic tiles tend to separate from the walls, and you may remove wobbly ones, and put on new ones. Just be sure that new ones are matching the old. Joint sealing can wear out and crumble, and this is something you wish to avoid, for the water may penetrate and damage wall or floor beneath, resulting in much higher price of repairs.


During usage time, furniture tends to wear out. To completely renew the looks of your wardrobes and closets, it is recommended to repaint them. Use wood protection, in order to keep pests out of your woodwork. Although the most transparent, this sort of work requires a lot of time and investments, so plan in a long run. On the other hand, if you wish just to refresh your favorite pieces of furniture, it would be better just to replace the hafts. Ordinarily, it means to use a screwdriver, and to take out the old ones, and put on the new.

Cooling system

No matter where do you live, you won’t probably use your cooling system such as air conditioner during winter right? This is an excellent opportunity to clean air filters within, for dust and other debris must be taken out, in order to prevent possible allergies and smells. Removing the filter is not hard work, and it is enough to wash it in warm water, and leave it to dry. Once dried out, put it back in, and it is ready to be used when the scorching summer temperatures show up.

So, those are some simple ideas to keep you occupied, and if you already have done all of the above, feel free to tuck in near fireplace, and read a good book. After all, winter is an excellent season to rest, and you don’t want to spend it working, right?

Author: Damian Wolf is a writer and passionate DIY hobbyist. He mostly writes about home DIY projects, and about all interesting topics in home improvement. Damian is also a tools collector, who uses Gasweld online shop to add another power tool piece into his collection.

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