6 Simple Tips to Keep Clutter Away from Your Living Room

The living room has surely gained a central position in modern day households, whether it is about casual family gatherings or formal guest hosting. It also serves as the room with most traffic through it all year around. Since so many people are expected to spend so much time here, it should be well decorated and well organised. And when you talk of a well organised living room, it should be neat, clean and clutter free. Just bringing in expensive looking pieces of furniture does not mean your room decor needs nothing else. Unless there isn’t the element of neatness and tidiness in the room decor, it would look insignificant. So, here are 5 simple tips to keep clutter away from your living room.

Clutter Free Living Room

Furniture Arrangement

Most living rooms carry a focal point like a media centre or a fireplace and arranging your furniture around that focal point is a good way to go about living room decoration. However, as you do so, make sure to keep some open space among furniture items allowing easy passages when someone walks in. This will incorporate an element of neatness in your furniture arrangement, contributing in less cluttered ambiance across the room. For a living room with large area, there is no harm in going for more than one conversation areas or you can also resort to large sized furniture items to do away with that emptiness.

Furniture Arrangement

Entertainment Centre

Now who doesn’t have one of these in their living rooms nowadays? And if you are seeking for a clutter free living room, look for an entertainment centre that not only boasts of adorable looks, but also some practical storage. Store your DVDs, CDs, recorders, game boxes and everything in their designated storage compartments. This will not only check clutter in your living room, but also make sure you precisely get everything conveniently whenever you need it, instead of you searching through whole of the room to finally find the remote control under the cushion.

living room entertainment centre

Coffee Table Logic

Coffee tables also serve as living room furnishing essentials nowadays, so almost everybody have one in their living room, but the question is whether they are being used rightly? If you find your coffee table loaded with magazines, newspapers and other tiny bits and pieces, you need to take care of that. As a matter of fact, one simple way to deal with such an issue is to bring home coffee tables with storage, which can accommodate all such stuff without making your living room look cluttered.

Incorporating smart storage solutions

Storage spaces are must for keeping clutter away from your living room. Sure, it is not about getting a large closet inside the room, but creating smart storage areas in there is quite imperative to have a clutter free environment. You can have improvised magazine racks to keep reading material organized. If you have a small space at your disposal to be decorated as a living room, you can also look for sofa beds with storage, a truly practical furnishing concept helping you with lounging, storage as well as occasional sleeping.

Move to “Exclusive” from “Excessive”

Everybody knows that excess is bad, but when it comes to have a clutter free home, it is the worst thing to fall prey to. Fact of the matter is that majority of homes get cluttered due to this habit of piling up items uselessly. Perhaps, it is because of this falsified belief that owning too many things would somehow represent your affluence, which is totally far from reality. Clutter begins to mar the beauty and practicality of home decoration without you even realising it gravity. In simple words, the more items you have gathered inside your home, the harder it becomes to sort and arrange them aesthetically. Conversely, the fewer things we have, the easier it is to keep clutter from overwhelming your home organisation. One of the best ways to deal with this ordeal is to move from “excessive” to “exclusive” when increasing your possessions. Better focus on high quality stuff than more of it. It will not only show improvement in your taste, but will also help you better cope with clutter.

Green is good

You will be surprised to see how greenery in your living room spruces up the whole ambiance, adding a touch of unprecedented neatness and freshness across the room. But make sure you don’t overdo it, or else you will end up having a living room resembling a nursery.


In essence, home decor is simply insignificant with clutter marring its beauty. Make sure you keep your living room clutter free following these above listed tips if you want people to praise your good taste in furnishing.



Erin Emanuel