Simple Ways to Give Your Home a Personal Touch While Staying Practical

As thrilling as the idea of turning your brand new home into the castle of your dreams may be, it’s hardly practical and may be something to plan for in the long term sense. While you’re saving up for the grand home makeover, try a few simpler ways to give your home a personal touch without the vast expense.




Color is a big way to give a home a fresh look without the work of remodeling. Inside and out, adding a touch of new color can put your stamp on a home. Try a more vibrant shade or a contrasting color of outdoor trim, or create accent walls in the main living spaces. You can also add patterned pillows to your couch or change your curtains for a fresh new look.


A collection is a reflection of the person who created it. Show a collection off as a central focus of a room. Hang the pictures, group the items on shelves and let the collection become your decoration. If there are thematic colors, put them against the accent wall and make that wall into another shade of the color for a striking center piece. If you like to travel, add your travel trinkets or pictures to an area of your home.

Front Door

If you want to put a stamp on the exterior of your house, try a new front door. It’s what everyone entering your home will see and with attractive molding, inset windows or a vibrant color to off-set the house’s more neutral shade, it can be the centerpiece of your home’s front. This is also very practical as it can enhance your home security with minimal costs as well.

Porch and Patio

To carry over that exterior personalization, try matching patio furniture to a vibrant plant or the home’s molding. Avoid the usual white or neutral wood tones and paint a bench your favorite color. If you’re going to spend quite a bit of time out on the porch, add in a small table and comfortable chair to make a personalized corner. Your patio should include a table with an umbrella to provide much needed shade in the hot summer months.


The walkway leading to the front door is usually overlooked, but just like the front door, it’s one of the first things people see. If the walkway is already laid, such as a concrete path, then line it with decorative bricks. Create a colorful pattern with alternating stones or plant a few low shrubs and prune them to frame the pathway up to the house.


Create new storage spaces in your home to showcase your decorations, books, photos and more. Vertical shelving is a very practical and popular addition easy to complete in almost any room. It can make for an eye-pleasing way to store bathroom towels and trinkets, or it can be a great place to display books in the living room. Very few homeowners wish for less storage, so this is a great way to show off your favorite items in the home without feeling cluttered.

With a few touches and a little effort, it’s cost-effective and easy to add a personal stamp on a home, be it new or old. Look into changing up something average and turn it into indisputable proof that you live there. Informational credit to Comfort King Windows & Doors Ltd.

Erin Emanuel