Easy Home Make overs: Six Lauren Conrad – Approved Decor Must Haves

When it comes to creating an elegant and chic style in your home, Lauren Conrad is one of the most well-known TV personalities and interior decorators. She knows the details that make or break modern home furnishings as seen in here amazing Beverly Hills penthouse this year. From brass details to tufted couches, there are a few ways to make your home over for a more professional look. To begin decorating, there are a few must-haves to incorporate into each room, and these Conrad approved touches can take yours over the top.


Tufted Couches


Amp up the design of your seating options by purchasing tufted couches, which offer a modern look that is still exceptionally cozy. Opt for a brown leather couch in the living room for a rustic look, or a chic white tufted couch in the bedroom for a more soft appeal. Lauren’s own space features tufted benches and long colorful couches.

Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs add extra detail and texture with your home décor, for an eclectic look that appears exotic and new. Go for a diamond-shaped rug, which Lauren Conrad recommends using in the bedroom underneath the foot of the bed. This will give your room a lot more depth and keep thing cozy in your favorite room of the house.

Brass Details

Brass is a modern take on gold, and is now a common feature to use for bedside lamps or beautiful hardware in the kitchen or bathroom. By incorporating the metal throughout the house, it will enhance the quality of your home, and allow it to appear more high-end. In Lauren’s vintage inspired dining room, brass is a staying fixture in the lighting treatments and details on the chairs. It’s perfectly balanced y the dark glossy tables and vases she uses.


Scour flea markets and yard sales for old fashioned wood trunks that add a vintage touch to the end of your bed or a nook in the living room. According to Renters Guide, this feature can be great for adding dimension to a smaller rental room without cluttering it up with furniture. It can be used as a nightstand in the bedroom, or as the coffee table in a living room for a gorgeous addition that is also a practical place for extra storage. It will also add that vintage glam that Conrad is famous for.

Faux Fur Pillows

Faux-Fur-PillowsAdd extra texture to your couch or bed by incorporating a few faux fur pillows for a soft and cozy tone. Lauren Conrad recommends pairing it with sequined pillows for an intriguing look that is plenty interesting. You don’t need to overload every space with pillows, but playing off a more neutral toned couch with just a few uniquely textured or patterned pillows can really set the tone of the room.


Instead of painting your home different colors or applying wallpaper, add decals to an accent wall for a creative touch that is easy to design. Use gold circles or black triangles for a fun print that can be used in a nursery or office. This is also a great decor option for those who are in an apartment for rent in Liberty Village and want to skip the bare white walls. Conrad also recommends using large-framed paintings as a good wall decoration without having to paint over the trim or walls.

With any type of decor, it’s important to have fun for a home makeover that is inviting and updated. With decor must-haves that are approved by Lauren Conrad, you can create a beautiful space that truly feels like home.


Erin Emanuel