Six Items For Your Home That Will Make Cleaning And Repairs Much More Simple

No one wants to spend all of their time on home projects and maintenance. If you are spending too much time and money on basic chores, it is time to upgrade your home’s tool kit. With the right items in your home, cleaning and repairs can be a simple task. These six items are must-haves for making home maintenance easier.

Home Cleaning and Repair


Orange Oil Cleaner

Nothing will take the adhesive off of bottles, a lipstick stain out of clothing or gum out of carpeting as effectively as orange oil cleaner. Orange oil is safe for almost any surface and fights heavy grease stains. Keep a large bottle under the kitchen sink and a small bottle in your tool box for easy access.

Pure Liquid Castille Soap

Castille soap is an all-purpose super cleaner. Made from olive oil, this eco-friendly soap is gentle on delicate surfaces while blasting through cleaning jobs. Castille soap can be diluted to replace floor, countertop, bathroom and all-purpose cleaners. You can save a bundle by ordering it in bulk online. This is also a great item to use as a base for your dish and hand soap.

Utility Scissors

You may balk at spending $120 on a pair of scissors, but do not underestimate their usefulness. Top-tier, stainless steel scissors will make short work of plastic packaging, wire, metal flashing, thin branches and even meats in the kitchen. This is also great for simple repairs throughout the house that can replace requires something a little stronger than your everyday pair of scissors.

Water Softeners

The white haze on your shower door and the pink ring in your toilet are loathed home maintenance foes. These nuisances are the result of hard water stains, which leaves mineral deposits all over your fixtures and causes build-up that renders dishwashers and shower heads less effective. Investing in a Flat Rate water softener can cut back on the amount of scrubbing and hard water stains you dread. Softeners remove minerals from your water and free you from the build-up tyranny.

Multi-Head, Ratcheting Screwdrivers

When you purchase a multi-head screwdriver kit, you never have to worry about having the right screwdriver on-hand again. Quality multi-head kits include all of the basic shapes and sizes as well as heads to tackle nuts and bolts. Make sure that you invest in a ratcheting screwdriver. They can save you from quite a bit of frustration and hand fatigue.

Rolling Kitchen Stool

Avoid the rickety step ladder and stop standing on top of chairs. Rolling kitchen stools are a stable one-way ticket to reaching almost any repair or nook you need to clean in the home. This is more convenient than the step ladder you will have to find in the garage or storage closet. Keeping it handy is easy when it looks well in your home.

Having the right tool for the job is invaluable as a time-saver and stress-buster. With these simple products, you can turn home maintenance from a frustrating ordeal into a breezy project.

Erin Emanuel