Six Smart Upgrades Every Homeowner Should Consider

A beautifully remodeled home is a labor of love, but like working smart, upgrading smart can make a big difference. Here are some of the best upgrades you should consider for your next home project:



New windows are a must for an upgrade. Windows even 10 years old cannot compare with today’s technology. Modern, dual-pane windows can save up to four times the energy of older panes. The windows of today don’t need sunscreens, as 96 percent of the sun’s heat never enters the home. Fading of furnishings and drapes becomes a non-issue, too. The high-tech glass of today blocks 83 percent of ultraviolet radiation, retaining bright decor for years. Dead air space in dual pane windows softens outside noise, as well. Casement windows from Gilkey Windows can give any home extra charm and efficiency. Not only will home look great with new windows, you can start to save money on your energy bills.



Everyone remodels the kitchen, because it becomes a vital necessity for efficiency and resale value. Granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances were once considered expensive upgrades, but not any more. They are functional, beautiful and easily cleaned. A good refrigerator will make a return on investment with quality food preservation at once. A quiet, efficient dishwasher will provide perks such as third racks and sanitizing options, eco-friendly wash and lower energy consumption. Carefully planned cabinets with custom options will provide better use of available space and a quality appearance. Lengthening and deepening drawers for efficient storage can turn a frustrating, over-crowded kitchen into an efficient work center.


Too much closet space never reaches the discussion board, because it never happens. You can never have too much of a good thing, so choosing between extra space to ‘hang out’ and a new closet is a cakewalk. Not only can everyone use more closet space, but resale value rises with roomy closets.



Like closets, there is never too much light in a home. The places where light needs to shine brightest are in the kitchen and bathroom. Be sure to consider new recessed lights in the restyled kitchen, and add some lighting under cabinets for a timeless and useful feature. Places where people, eat, dress, do computer work or homework are well worth a lighting upgrade. Dimmers are a viable option, as softened light adds much to the ambiance of a room while entertaining or just relaxing.


One of the most annoying features of a dated home is the absence or scantiness of electrical outlets. Simply adding the necessary number of outlets can make a huge difference in the usability of a home, and extra outlets will certainly be considered a positive addition at resale.


Flooring can make or break the look and atmosphere of a home. In fact, just adding some warm, wood flooring or interesting tiling can transform a home. Good flooring is rather pricey, but there is a lot out there in the medium range, and it can make all the difference in an inviting home environment for you and a potential buyer.


A home upgrade, wisely considered, can raise the value of a home exponentially and provide years of comfort and efficient living. These tips are a great start to making your home more valuable.

Erin Emanuel