Smart Appliances: The Future Of Kitchens

Elevator-ovenIt may have been many years since you have upgraded your kitchen. It may have coincided with the last kitchen renovation you had done 10 years ago or it may be that you’ve not done a thing to your kitchen since you moved in all those years ago, except for getting the dishwasher repaired every time the handle breaks. The technology available in cooking appliances nowadays is far superior to even ten years ago and the savings available on utility bills are enormous not to mention the possible time savings with the latest in automated appliances.

Smart appliances available include the ‘Elevator Oven’ which when not in use is hidden away in the bench top. At the touch of a button the Oven ‘Elevates’ to a position on the bench top allowing easy access. When the button is pressed after use it simply goes back down to allow more bench space once again. There are new ‘smart cooktops’ also available from Kleenmaid Appliances that allow the user to operate them without any control knobs or buttons whatsoever. They also automatically regulate the total cooking time allowing you more time to spend doing more important things than the cooking.

These are just two of the examples of the many smart appliances that are now beginning to dominate the marketplace. A new kitchen would be incomplete without being fully equipped with the latest in technology. As the old saying goes you would rather pay for quality than be stuck forever paying for repairs on inferior products that always seem to break as soon as the warranty is over. So why not look at smart appliances the next time you are upgrading your kitchen, they will save you not only time in the short term but money in the long term.

Erin Emanuel


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