Dealing with the Stress of Adulthood

Dealing with the stress of adulthood can be difficult.  You constantly worry about doing things correctly.  Are you raising your kids in a safe area?  Are your finances in order?   Am I balancing home and work life?  Where is my career going?  How do I make time to stay healthy?  All this stress can lead to more health problems than you think.  Relieving tension can be a key to a healthy life and presenting good lifestyle choices to your children.

Are you thinking about work while you are away from the office?  Many factors can contribute to you worrying about the job while you are away.  You may have employees that you would like to manage but you are not able to devote time standing over them while they work.  You have a big project that needs to be completed before the deadline.  Clients are presenting a timeline that is hard to meet.  You merchandise may not always be secure.  Any and all of these scenarios may be a concern to you, leaving you unable to relax while you are out of the office.

home surveillance system


1. Install Security Systems

One way to alleviate some of these concerns would be to install a security system at your business.  A camera system can monitor employees and merchandise around the clock.  You will be able to work on different projects while at the office and not be forced to divert your attention.  You will be able to have peace of mind while you are at home or on vacation, knowing your business is still safe.  These days surveillance systems can be monitored from anywhere.  You can watch the front door while you are in the back office, or watch the inside of the store while you are at home.  You can get time back that you never thought you had and you will gain the ability to do things you couldn’t before.  Your clients will be amazed by the thoroughness you are able to put in your work with the newly found time.  Life at home will be focused on your parenting and not on your work.

2. Install Camera for Kids Safety

Keeping your kids safe is a chief concern, no matter how young or old they are.  A major issue is living in the right neighborhood.  Did you move into a house that you thought was in a good area, but now you are having questions.  Sometimes you need to watch over the kids even when you can’t be home.  Perhaps you need to run to the office for an urgent issue but you aren’t able to take the kids with.  Smart home devices can help you do things quickly and safely.  A home surveillance system can give you images of your home when you run to the office.  This means you can watch and make sure your kids are safe while the baby sitter is the only adult there.  You can make sure the babysitter isn’t stealing from you with motion sensitive cameras that alert when someone moves into a room that is off limits.  If you have an infant at home and do not wish to make noise opening a door, you can install a camera in the room and watch to make sure they are sound asleep from the other side of the door.

safe and secure home security

3. Install Door Locks and Environment Detectors

Smart home equipment is not limited to cameras, you can install smart door locks and environment detectors.  Perhaps you come home with a bag of groceries in one hand and the car seat in the other and you can’t reach your keys. Smart door locks will unlock based on your device’s GPS, when you come close to the door, enabling you enter even if your key is out of reach.  These can be installed on your house door along with you garage doors, so you can keep your hands on the wheel while the door opens.

4. Install Smoke Detectors and Thermostats

You need to get the kids to school, and get to work for that big presentation did you remember to close and lock all the doors?  Can’t remember if you put the garage door down?  Don’t worry you can check the status of the doors with your device and if anything is not quite how you want it to be you can actually activate the locks or door closers.  Smart smoke detectors and thermostats will make your home safe and efficient.  A smart thermostat can learn from your habits and set the temperature to save money on heating costs.  You can even set the temperature when you will be away longer than normal to keep your system from running.  With environment detector alerts sent to your smartphone and the local emergency dispatch, someone can be there to help even if you are unable to respond.  Relax and know your home is safe secure.

All lot of things can lead to stress but you can find ways to combat and manage your stress.  A smart home surveillance system can alleviate many of your concerns giving you time to relax and enjoy your life.  A happy, healthy life can be achieved by all.

Erin Emanuel