Sofa Set Design – 10 Impressive Sofa Designs to Go For

Unarguably, a sofa is one of those furniture investments that are worth taking time on. Selecting the right piece will do more than offering a seating space. It gives life to the living room and offers warmth and comfort that will be appreciated by the friends and family that use it. Selecting the right sofa set design is a process that shouldn’t be hurried, more so given the enormous array that is available.

The Perfect Sofa for Your Home

You can find many different beautiful sofa designs regardless of the needs you wish to address. These styles, however, do need to be considered as they will guide your selection process, starting with size. A large sofa set design is the obvious choice when you have a family. Décor also matters a lot, as it will influence the color and layout of the sofa. The choice of cushion material, the upholstery fabric, and the frame round off the final things that should help you shortlist the best options for your living space.

Sofa Set Designs for Every Kind of Home

Regardless of the kind of space you have, you should find some inspiration in this list.


Chesterfield Sofa

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A quintessential furniture style with deep British roots, the Chesterfield is one of the most elegant designs you can find for your living space. It is as classic as it is timeless! It has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years and would be a lasting investment should you buy one. It comes in different iterations and configurations, and can be adapted in design to fit any kind of living room.

Chesterfield basically means the design where the rolled arms are the same size as the back rest. The button tufting and nail head trim is what completes its signature look. While typically clad in leather, the modern take on the Chesterfield sofa set design has seen it upholstered in velvet and other softer materials. And it’s modified into different sofa set designs, including modular ones. This is a compelling choice for a living space that mostly entertains guests or even for an executive office.

Should you desire something close to chesterfield but slightly different, a cabriolet sofa is a good pick. It has that Victorian essence, and modern touches on the design give it a chic vibe.

Sectional Sofa

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The L-shaped sofa has been a mainstay in many homes in the past decade, and it is still a persuasive couch to have. This beautiful sofa set design ­works superbly well in homes where space is in abundance and seating for many people is required. It can be placed against the wall, or slightly removed from it depending on the desired layout.

The sectional design can be custom-made to be large enough to accommodate more than ten. It is a highly functional sofa that is perfect for large families, or couples who like sitting with their legs up. The choice of cushion material here matters, as the more the depth the cushions give, the more the comfort. This sofa can have two armrests or one side can be developed into a chaise. Twin chaises can be had as well, if desired to form a U-shaped sectional.

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Highly contemporary, most L and U-shaped sofas come with loose pillow back cushions, as well as seat cushions that are reversible. Choosing a stain resistant material is recommended, as it’s more common to entertain guests with this kind of furniture. Accent pillows add to its comfort, and these can be chosen in a color that contrasts the material in the most complementary way.

Built-in Sofa Set Design

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This is possibly the most durable sofa design you can have and is best suited to lounge areas in large living rooms. If you have your own home, or are building one, a built-in sofa is a long-term solution that is almost always customized to the available space. This allows you to take full advantage of it.

Being a custom solution, it is perfect for oddly shaped rooms. It can be made to be multifunctional to offer storage space or folding out beds. This sofa set design can be incorporated into living rooms already with freestanding furniture, as seen with bay window seats.

sofa set design

If you have a sunken sitting room, built-in is conceivably the most sensible way to go. It takes full advantage of this atypical layout to create a lounge area that will be loved by family and friends. It makes for a great intimate space for uninterrupted conversations and bonding time.

Recliner Sofa

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The taste for recliner sofa set designs is mostly acquired, but once you fall in love with it, it becomes hard to want anything else. It is a bold and luxurious choice, implying that it is pricier than most other offerings. This is expected given its reclining function that sink you deep into the seat for total relaxation. While the Griffin is the most popular in this style, it is far from the only one.

There are many contemporary beautiful sofa designs available, from single to sectional ones which have designated reclining seats. A single recliner can be a nice addition to even the most modest living room, and it can easily be incorporated into the existing décor.

Transforming Sofa

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If it is versatility you are looking for, it does not come much better than a transforming sofa. These sofa set designs come in different configurations, with this being among the simplest and most effective one. Ideal for small homes and apartments, the piece is a sofa in its default setup. But, it can become a lounge or a small bed with a few adjustments.

Some are more sophisticated, offering a pullout design instead for a full-size bed. In choosing this design, make sure to go for the plushest material you can get for more comfort. Ensure the conversion mechanism is smooth and effortless for a smooth transition every single time.

Simple Modern Sofa

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Sometimes, the best designs turn out to be the simplest one as showcased in this modern sofa with a tufted backrest. The exposed standing frame lends a mid-century charm to the couch, while the two thick seat cushions add more character than if three were included.

The design is visually pleasing with its continuous line connecting the armrests. Such a piece is perfect for any apartment with a contemporary feel, and can be chosen in any color as a wide palette is available. The polyester material is durable so the seat will last for decades. Throw pillows can be added for more appeal.

Circular Sofa Set Design

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Circular sofa designs are very subjective, and work with limited décor styles. This one deviates from that by offering a compelling modular style that makes it work in both small and large living spaces. When together, it forms a large seating platform that is better for quiet relaxation. When the need arises, the pieces can be separated into three.

Two benches can offer additional seating for guests, while the middle can become an ottoman or a table. The soft black leather makes it really flexible when it comes to incorporating it into your layout.

Ornate Sofa Set Design

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When it comes to formal living room furniture, everything comes second to an ornate set. With its classy and timeless design, ornate sofa sets exude class and royalty. These beautiful sofa designs are desired for homes with classic décor. With their intricate woodwork and quality materials, these sets are the centerpiece of any living area. All this luxury comes at a cost though as these sofas are among the most expensive, more so if they are from a vintage collection.

Cane Sofa

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Cane furniture spots some of the more elegant mid-century designs that have lasted through the ages. Cane sofas are made to be simple, though some executions have modern inspirations such as this one. The frame is constructed from solid ash wood while a woven cane inlay complete the arms and back. The result is a simplistic yet authentic and charming sofa that is as at home in the outdoors as it is on the inside.

Leather Sofa Set

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Leather sofas add effortless elegance to any space they occupy. While faux leather might get a pass, it is the genuine stuff that comes recommended. It’s highly stylish, very easy to clean, and extremely durable.

Leather can be colored in almost every way so there is a large palette to choose from. There is an equal abundance in styling- everything from Winchester to sectional and reclining so there will be something to suite your décor and budget.

This list barely scratches the surface when it comes to the array of sofa set designs currently available. It does however, point you in the right direction. If you have your space measurements in place, have the décor figured out, and have an arrangement for the furniture pre-planned, shopping should be easy. Online shopping might offer convenience, but it is recommended that you visit the store to test the feel of the cushions.

Erin Emanuel