Spring Cleaning: Five Home Maintenance Projects You Don’t Want To Ignore

With spring just around the corner, our thoughts turn to backyard barbecues and gardening. While spring is a great time to get outdoors again and start a garden, it’s also a time to invest in some important home maintenance to protect your home. Here are five projects you won’t want to ignore this spring.

Spring Cleaning


Clean the Gutters

You may have just done this in the fall, but you’d be surprised at how much debris can blow into your gutters from the winter storms. Take a few moments to make sure that your gutters are clean and ready for the spring rains. Use a flashlight to look into downspouts and ensure that there aren’t any clogs.

Seal Windows And Doors

Mice, ants and other pests will take advantage of any opportunity to invade your home, and small spaces near windows and under doors are an easy entrance point for them. Use caulk or add door thresholds to keep those pests outside. Even with prevention, pests can still get inside and cause problems with your home and your health. You should get your house professionally treated to prevent pests from invading your home, says professionals who specialize in pest control in Chandler. Spring is the season where you will start noticing more pests, so it’s important to take care of it before it becomes a problem.

Wash Windows And Carpets

Spring is the ideal time to clean windows and carpets. After winter storms, windows tend to collect dirt and water stains. Use vinegar to get your windows looking even more clean than before. Be sure to clean both sides of windows, even if they are more difficult to get to. Carpets also contain a lot of dirt and allergens that build up over the colder months when people and pets tend to drag in more dirt. Consider a deep clean to remove stains and allergens that can be a health hazard. Pick a warm day to do this so you can leave windows open to dry it out.

Secure The Fence Line

The deep freezes over the winter can heave fence posts as the ground expands. Although the dirt will shrink back down as the temperature rises, it can still weaken the fence posts and make them less stable. This is a good time to walk the fence and wiggle the posts. If any are loose, you can dig out the dirt around them and add some more concrete to increase stability. If possible, make the hole wider at the bottom to prevent the problem in the future.

Clean The Ducts

You’ve been in the house all winter with the windows closed. This leads to a build-up of dust and dirt on return air vents and filters. The growing layer of dust inhibits airflow through the system and causes it to strain. Cleaning the vents and replacing the filter will prolong the life of your unit and make it more energy efficient. It will also help keep common allergens out of the home.

As you’re cleaning this spring, don’t forget to include these hidden areas in your home. While you may not be able to easily see along the foundation, gutters or vents, it’s still important to clean and take care of them. You’ll protect your home from damage and ensure that it’s clean at the same time.

Erin Emanuel