What is a Spring Loaded Hinge and When Would You Use One?

A spring-loaded hinge is specially made to make a door or lid automatically close or stay open. The most common application of a spring-loaded hinge is in doors that need to remain closed when they’re not being used.

A spring-loaded hinge has a hinge cylinder with a spring inside it, which exerts pressure on the sides of the hinge in order to either pull them together and close the door or push them apart and keep it open. In addition, the amount of tension in the spring is usually adjustable through one of a couple of different mechanisms. As a result, you should be able to adjust a spring-loaded hinge to fit your exact needs so that your door behaves the way you want it to.


Ways to Adjust Spring-Loaded Hinges

There are two different styles of spring-loaded hinges. Some use a tension lever in order to rotate the cylinder and adjust the hinge tension, while others use a hex key to rotate the cylinder for the same purpose.

You always need to adjust the tension on the spring-loaded hinge with the door closed. In addition, if there is a tension pin in the hinge you need to remove it with needle-nose pliers before you begin adjusting the tension.

Next you can insert the hex key or a tension pin in order to adjust the tension and test the door. If it functions with the appropriate amount of force then you are all set and you can resume using your door as usual. If it is a little bit too loose or too tight, though, you can repeat the process of testing it until it is fine tuned and working exactly as you desire.

Spring-loaded hinges are also available in a number of sizes and tensions so that you can use them for various applications. Though they are most commonly used indoors, they can have other uses as well. Even as far as doors go, they are used for a wide variety of reasons.

Spring-loaded Hinges Can Be Used for Soundproof Doors

You may often see spring-loaded hinges used on doors in soundproofed rooms such as radio studios or recording studios, as it is important that the door remain closed at all times when it is not in use. You could also find these types of doors in business offices where there are meeting rooms in which privacy is important.

Spring-loaded Hinges May Be Used for Security

While spring-loaded hinges can’t prevent a break-in, they can keep the doors closed that might otherwise swing open. One example is a gate-style door in a fence or barrier. Another example is in a cellar door, which can easily be left hanging open if it is not spring loaded. In particular, cellars and garages often have spring-loaded doors as they are areas that animals might try to find their way into if the door does not stay closed.

Easy to Replace and Install

If you think you may have a door that would work better as a spring-loaded door, it’s relatively easy to switch one in for your current door. Since only the hinges themselves really need to be changed, you simply need to remove the door from the hinges and then replace the hinges. This can be done by removing them from the frame and installing the new ones.

In addition, once you have physical access to the hinges you can easily adjust the tension in them so that you can make sure that your spring-loaded hinge is serving its purpose properly.

Author Bio: Robert Jacobs is a creative blogger who has written numerous articles on home improvement materials like custom hinges, doors, windows etc. and their mechanism.

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