DIY Paint Tips to Spruce Up Your Outdoor Patio

Like many others, you may have an outdoor patio space that you simply never use. Your family doesn’t spend time utilizing it to its full potential— this is because the area is less than inviting, due to its lack of character and warmth.

So, you decide you’d like to spruce things up a bit by giving it a makeover. When transforming your outdoor space, there are many factors to consider, such as décor, lighting, a fire pit, and paint, to name a few.

paint outdoor patio furniture

Your patio area should be a reflection of you, the homeowner. This space is an extension of your home, so you want it to be a warm and inviting environment where people can enjoy relaxing.

This process also gives you the chance to flex your creative muscle, which can be quite satisfying if you haven’t done so in awhile. Below are some tips to help you envision what you would like to accomplish, and how to make that vision a reality.


Sprucing Up a Patio with a Coat of Paint

To add a pop of color, many homeowners consider painting their concrete patio flooring in order to achieve their desired look. The first step to painting any area in the patio is to clear out the area entirely. If you’re painting the concrete, you’ll want to sweep, pressure wash, and clean it first.

Be sure to select a color that will work well with the entire area— it will need to match the patio furniture and the home itself. You’ll want everything to blend nicely once it’s complete.

When you’re ready to start painting, tape along the edges of the patio space in order to avoid spreading paint to other areas. After each coat, make sure to allow the paint to dry for a few hours before adding additional coats of paint. This is one of the most simple ways to quickly add character to your outside space.

Revive Your Patio Furniture

Aside from painting your patio’s flooring, another option is using a fresh coat of paint on your patio furniture. This can take the place of having to buy new, expensive outdoor seating. One fun, affordable way to dress up outdoor seating is to find affordable, used metal chairs and spray paint the chairs in your favorite colors. You may be surprised to know that Target has a pretty large array of less expensive patio chairs (many are under $100).

Before painting, make sure that these surfaces are clean as well. If painting wood furniture, you may wish to sand it first. Sanding is optional, however, because not sanding before painting gives the furniture a little bit of character. If the furniture has been painted in the past, you’ll first want to remove the existing layers with scrapers and a paint solvent to avoid having your new coat of paint peel and chip.

Once you’re ready, gather your supplies and be sure to protect the workspace with a sheet or drop cloth.

Painting the Fire Pit

Fire pits are great to roast marshmallows and keep warm on a crisp fall evening. They also serve to dress up the backyard. Again, if you’re interested in upgrading your fire pit, consider a fresh coat of paint. You’ll need to use a heat-resistant paint, such as the fireplace paint at Brick-Anew. Before getting started, remember to clean the fire pit with warm soapy water.

If the fire pit has rusted, you’ll want to sand it down first. Again, make sure to protect the work area to avoid getting paint everywhere. Now it’s time to paint. When painting your fire pit, you’ll want to paint light coats to avoid drips. And, of course, make sure to let the paint dry thoroughly before adding additional coats.

How to Weather Safe Your Patio and Fire Pit

After all of this hard work, the last step is to protect your patio from the damaging effects of the elements. Invest in paints that are resistant to weather, and if you’re also considering outdoor lighting options, ensure that they are rust-resistant. Furniture covers and a weather safe fire pit cover are both great ways to protect your furniture in the off-season.

Erin Emanuel