Staircases That Can Help Your Home Look Fantastic

Unless you live in a bungalow you will probably use the stairs every single day and it’d be difficult to manage without them. In some, palatial homes sweeping staircases make up a centerpiece of the residence but in less extravagant homes staircases need to be much more modest. That does not mean to say however that we can’t all have some great looking staircases that complement your interior design perfectly. Some types of staircases in particular can help your home to look very impressive indeed.

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Spiral Staircases

Perhaps one of the best looking of all types of staircase is the spiral staircase and they can be a fantastic addition aesthetically to any home. The spiral form allows for some creative designs and you could range from something that is understated yet sophisticate to the out and out extravagant. Another fantastic feature of the spiral staircase is that is takes up less room than standard staircases making it ideal for homes with limited space. You should bear in mind also however that a spiral staircase may be difficult for infirm people to climb and moving large, bulky objects up or down the stairs could also present a real problem.

Open Step Staircases

Another type of staircase that helps to enhance a room visually is the open step staircase and it is one of the more popular types. Because of the nature of this type of staircase it also means that there is open space underneath whereas with a closed step design, that space would usually be taken up by a cupboard or be blocked off completely. The open step configuration allows for a minimalistic approach that can ooze class and plain wooden steps can make this design look very attractive indeed. If you do opt for a wooden steps though you should make sure that they are not too smooth otherwise they may become slippery which would present an obvious hazard.

Use Bannisters Creatively

Bannisters help to prevent nasty accidents on the stairs and offer useful support for anybody climbing or descending them but they have more to offer then function alone. There is no limitation to how you can have your bannisters and a creative mind could create something very special indeed. You could try incorporating intricate sculpted designs and maybe try experimenting with different materials such as iron or sculpted wood. Otherwise you could create something equally stunning by using something simple as plain glass or simple wooden pillars. You may be surprised at what a difference a little thought into your staircase bannisters can make to your interior design.

Your stairs will often take up quite a large area of your home and are readily visible to anybody and it could be easy to consider your stairs as an obtrusion getting in the way. That doesn’t have to be the case though as your stairs could actually turn out to be a focal point of your home. You could try using something that has been tried before or you could even try doing something that is totally unique.

Author Bio: Jamie Finch feels that when designing a home’s interior, the stairs could become one of the most important aspects of all. He finds that stair parts from Ken’s Yard can help create designs that help make his home look great.

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