Best Standing Desk for Your Home Office

Everywhere you look and every place you can find where people deal with healthy lifestyle, the topic of sedentary lifestyle arises sooner or later. It is always mentioned in a negative context because it is a cause of many illnesses and health issues. This type of lifestyle can cause you back pains, muscle atrophy and other issues that further influence your entire wellbeing. However, we do what we do, and this can hardly be changed. That is why having a standing desk is a good idea. Standing, for at least a part of your working hours is far better than sitting the entire time. It is good for your health and your productivity. The question remains how to choose the best standing desk for yourself. Here are some tips about that issue.

Standing Desk



One of the most important things about it is the standing desk is its height. In order for it to be right for you, you have to be able to keep your elbows in line with your body, bent by 90 degrees and type easily that way. Also, the screen of your monitor needs to be elevated to your eye level, so that you don’t bend your neck downwards. Try it in the store and measure it before installing.


You can have the standing desk that has its own frame that stands on the floor or you can have the one that is installed into the wall. Either way, you have to choose the material carefully so that it doesn’t collapse. The standing desk that is being installed into wall needs to have very firm holders. Given that you will keep your computer on it, as well as some papers, you need to make sure that the material itself it not overly heavy but that it is still hard enough to keep that weight. Standing desks with their own frame can be made of all sorts of materials that can be heavy and durable.


Your standing desk needs to be ergonomically designed in order to work well with you. While the height is important, it is not the only thing that needs to be designed well. The best way to see if your desk is designed according to your body is to stand beside it and place your hands on it, as if you were typing. Your body needs to feel naturally fit there and you should not have to elevate your shoulders, bend your knees or hold any part of your body in an unpleasant position. After all, that will be the position that you will have to keep for your entire working hours.


The best way to avoid all the things that you don’t like about your desk’s design is to find the one that can be adjusted. This means that it has the panels for your computer, monitor or even armrests that can be moved. Some options include elevating and lowering the desk, while others include moving them away and towards you.

Healthy worker is a more productive and happier worker. Therefore standing desks are definitely a part of every thorough and well thought through , office fit out of the future. The only trick is to make sure that they are perfectly fit for the person who is about to work on them.

Erin Emanuel