Five steps to a clean and tidy kitchen environment

In an ideal world we’d all like to keep our kitchen clean and tidy all of the time.

The reality, however, is that this is one area of the home that’s almost impossible to keep in check. The hub of activity that takes place in the kitchen never fails to ensure that there’s always some sort of mess to clean-up.

Primarily speaking, the presence of food probably has a great deal to do with why the kitchen can be such a difficult place to maintain. The preparation, consumption and aftermath of cooked meals or snacking are likely to leave the area in an unwanted state.

So how exactly do you go about maintaining the kitchen? And what processes should you follow to keep the room in tip-top shape? Here are five methods that you should be adhering to.

1)      Draw-up a rota

If you’re sharing a household with other members of the family or even flat sharing with friends, be sure to draw-up a cleaning rota of sorts so that everyone gets involved and that the work isn’t just left for one particular person – unless they absolutely love cleaning and refuse any exterior help, which is unlikely.

2)      Have sufficient storage areas

The problem for many kitchens is containing clutter. As such, having sufficient storage spaces to keep all of your items is vital. For instance, utilise your kitchen cabinets, jars and hangers to the best of your ability to minimise the amount of unnecessary clutter that can appear on your kitchen countertops.

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3)      Post-up inspirational notices

To remind everyone who makes use of the kitchen of their responsibilities, small cleverly-positioned notices (perhaps on a fridge or kitchen cupboard) can act as a piece of inspiration for people to keep the kitchen tidy.

Tidy Kitchen Tips

Rules for a Tidy Kitchen

4)      Have clean-up products handy

Perhaps a fairly obvious point to make – but one that should be made, nevertheless. Always be sure that you’re stocked up on cleaning products that will help you to manage and control any type of mess. Cleansing wipes, kitchen towels, disinfectant sprays and a dust-pan and brush are amongst the essentials that you should always have to hand if you require them.

5)      Clean-up on-the-go

One of the most productive and time effective ways of keeping a kitchen clean is to clean while you cook. Instead of leaving all of your pots, pans and other equipment in a heap to the side as you prepare a meal, use time in between cooking to clean-up your surfaces and wash the dishes.

Author information; Matthew Wood is a content writer who is currently contributing for the DIY Kitchens and Laminate Flooring manufacturer Finsa Home.

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  1. A rota has been one of the best things we’ve introduced to our cleaning routine. It needed a little tweaking at first but I finally have a clean kitchen most of the time, and not as many arguments either.

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