Steps for Finding the Best Window Air Conditioner

Blame it on rising pollution, industrialization, deforestation or global warming; summers have become really uncomfortable to live with.  We all have experienced how in the last couple of years temperature has gone considerably higher. To escape from penetrating sun rays and heat, we seek for solace by confining ourselves to indoors only. Even within the four walls, beating the summer heat gets impossible without the cooling of Air conditioner. If this summer you are planning to buy a new window air conditioner, then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. As you are putting money and expecting to buy an air conditioner that would deliver consistent performance for years, so being calculative while making your purchase is very imperative.  Taking the cue, listed below are five steps that will help you in finding a durable and better Window Air Conditioner.

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Understand what size of window air conditioner you want: Many people have this misconception that a bigger size air conditioner will more efficiently keep the room cool. However, the large unit air conditioner consumes more electricity. The size of the air conditioner to be used depends on the size of the room. An air conditioner does the room cooling by removing the heat and humidity in the air. If in a small size room, an air conditioner of the too big unit is used then it will leave the room damp, because it won’t be able to remove the humidity effectively. Although the room will get the cooling but a damp room has the danger of getting fungus. Hence, it is very important to install a window air conditioner of the right size.

To determine which size air conditioner will be apt for your room you need to calculate the square footage of the room. ; based on that the size (BTUs) of the window air conditioner can be decided upon. For example, a small room sized 150-250 square feet a small window air conditioner of 6,000 BTU is recommended upon. Whereas for a room of 450-550 square feet, larger-sized unit, i.e. a 12000 BTU air conditioner will be a better choice.

Make a research on the top brands on the market: Which brand you are buying and the features of the air conditioner are important aspects to consider while making your purchase. You need to properly check the market and see which brands are available. Either through internet reviews or by personally asking the people around you try to get the feedbacks. Personally visit the dealer shops and know the features of the air conditioners from different brands like the warranty period, electricity consumption, maintenance, installation and uninstallation convenience, etc. To make a good purchase it is very much important that you know all the features of window air conditioners of different brands and its prices as well. Compare all the aspects and then select your brand.

Learn about the rebates: You can get rebates on purchasing your air conditioner provided you get it from the right retailer. So, check with more retailers and try to learn what rebate they can offer. Moreover, if you want to save money on your monthly electricity bill, then you can purchase energy Star-qualified window air conditioners. For getting good performance and savings, make sure to you buy a window air conditioner that has energy-saver mode and meets federal

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