Space Saver: Five Ways You’re Using Your Storage Area Wrong

Whether it’s your cramped hall closet or a spacious shed in your backyard, maximizing your storage space is imperative for both organization and protecting your stored belongings. Though you may have noticed there is a subtle art to storage. You want to protect your belongings, keep them organized, create the most space possible, all while being able to get to them easily enough. Here are five tips for getting the most out of your space.

storage tips


If you can squash it, do it

Items such as quilts, sleeping bags, tents, and tarps can be bulky and take up a ton of space. There are space bags available that allow you to create a vacuum seal, or you can do the same with garbage bags and a roll of tape. Squeeze them down as small as possible. Make sure you wrap up the biggest items first and if you need to include a note of instructions on how to refold them later when they get used again.

Get the right containers for your things

While a few sturdy cardboard boxes may be fine for some things in the spare room, they aren’t ideal for garages, sheds, and other areas where pests or moisture may be a problem. Get plastic bins with snap-on lids to avoid infestations and mold growth. For outdoor gear and camping equipment, make sure everything is dried completely before putting it away into storage.

Get a good storage system set up

There are all sorts of shelving systems on the market that can make your organization a snap. This is especially helpful if you need to access your storage frequently, and don’t want to dig through a gigantic pile every time. If there are large items you use only infrequently, set up your system so that you don’t have to climb over them to get at items that are used more often.

Don’t forget to utilize the ceiling space

If at all possible, install hooks or brackets on the ceiling for large items such as the Christmas tree, sporting goods, or seasonal decorations. According to Arpac Storage Systems Corp, not only does this use all of your space to good advantage, it helps keep your storage area safer because you won’t be tripping over bulkier things.

Resist the urge to pack your space too tight

Unless you are planning to fill your space and never access the contents until you empty it completely, don’t fill it up. Not only is it a pain to dig through your storage with no space to maneuver, it’s also dangerous. If you have too much stuff, consider storing it throughout your home, or renting a storage unit.

If your storage area is causing you stress, or you aren’t sure how to get started in cleaning it up and organizing it, these tips will help you along the way. By using the entire space in a logical and accessible manner, you can have stress-free storage in no time.

Erin Emanuel