Tips to choose the right study table for your child

Every parent wants to give their kids the best of facilities. Whenever a child is born, parents will plan his/her room, so the child can remain in absolute comfort. With the kid growing up, the types of furniture especially the bed and the study table undergo various changes. You can go through an incredible amount of options, browsing through the latest study table designs. But the catch is, how to find that perfect combination of comfort and style which also levels up with the choices of your kid. Too pressurising, well not so if these few tips are kept in mind.

  1. Age of kid: Yes, it is obviously a matter of consideration though often neglected. Age of the kid plays a vital role in determining the study table because it is ultimately the kid who will be using it. The color choices to space slots vary with ages. If the table is for a toddler or a play school going kid, the table must be having eye-catching colors with fun looking animated images, should be having enough space for toys and books. But when it comes to a study table for a school going teen kid, there must be provisions for gadgets and loads of drawers and racks to keep their stacks and piles of study materials.
  2. Room size is detrimental:  Size of the room plays a big role in decision making. If the room is compact then a linear table with detachable shelves on the wall can add space. If the room is large enough then a table with inbuilt drawers are desirable.
  3. Space for leg and a comfortable back chair: Days are long gone when kids just sat for an hour or two to quickly scribble and get their homework done so they could rush out of the house to play outdoor games. With this fast rat race, kids struggle to spend long hours studying or learning from gadgets or relax playing online games. The study table must be fulfilling its purpose free from any hassle. They should be designed in such a way that kids don’t knock their knees while stretching and can fall back reclining to rest well and take shorter study breaks.
  4. Strength and quality: The study table ought to be durable and strong with quality material used for its construction. It may be wooden or semi wooden, with a chic look. The paint, if any further, should be lead-free.
  5. Matching with the decor: The study table and bed are two major pieces of furniture in a kid’s room. For a good aesthetic appeal, they should be both complementing each other. Browse and compare the latest  bed designs online and get the perfect match.
  6. Easy to shift: The study table must be easy to shift. Studying is often a very meticulous process and changing position of the table sometimes aids in better concentration due to various factors like the lighting of the room.

No more tensions and countless pondering of which one to buy. Get started with these tips in mind and give them an environment to not just sit but study effectively for hours long.

Erin Emanuel