Smart Ways to Adorn Your House with Stylish and In-Your-Budget Furniture

The need to furnish your new apartment can pose additional stress on an already stretched budget. So instead of visiting posh stores, it is prudent to look for ways through which you can get appreciable furniture at a comparatively much lower price. Here we present some great options to find furniture on a tight budget.



1. Strike a Deal with Estate and Clearance Sales

Keep an eye on the newspaper and online classifieds for news on estate sales. When an estate goes on a sale, you can find well-coordinated furniture at a steep discount. Besides, you can look for clearance sales organized by retail stores. To clear last year’s stock and make way for new, big brand retailers sell them at a bargain. You can hope to get a great discount for stylish and great looking furniture.

2. Do Not Shy Away from Used Furniture

There are furniture stores which take the onus of repairing and cleaning used furniture before selling. They make them look presentable so you can get attractive furniture at a discount. Alternatively, you can look to shop at furniture consignment stores. Such stores work in tandem with interior designers, builders and contractors. They are in the business of selling sample home furniture. Model homes usually have stylish and fine-quality furniture. As such furniture is seldom used you can expect to get durable and elegant furniture at a discount.

3. Identify your Needs First

Make a list of items that you desire in your new home and in the next column write their approximate value. If the total cost exceeds your budget, shortlist items that are absolutely essential. If this list is still overwhelming on your budget, list items that you can do without for a few months. For instance, if you can do without your dressers or desk and chair for a few months, or can live without Nightstands or end tables for a few days, consider postponing their purchase. This will ease your financial stress. Besides, when you have saved money, you will be able to pick pieces that you like instead of buying cheap stuff just to fit your already-stretched budget.

4. Use Creativity to Make Innovative Use of Things, you already Have

Necessity and budget pressure harbor creativity. So instead of cribbing over money shortage, take this as an opportunity to unleash your creativity. Look around the house and you’ll find things that can double up as furniture.

If you have just shifted, cartons can work as a centre or side table depending on their size. Just throw a nice rug or an old bed cover over it and see the magic. Similarly, you can create bed side table out of cartons or suit cases. This idea will also give you a lot of well-hidden storage space.

So take a thoughtful look at the things already available and trawl the net for more ideas, you will be surprised at the furniture stock you already possess.

5. Try your Negotiation Skill

While department stores and big retailers may not deviate from the printed price, other stores may be ready to bargain. You can experiment your bargaining tactics at flea markets, local furniture shops and garage sales. Consignment stores and classified seller may negotiate more if they have failed to find buyers for a piece of furniture for long. Your negotiation prowess will work better if you buy furniture in bulk and have the cash ready to purchase the same.

6. Go for Garage Sales

If you come across a yard sale, surely give a Dekko. You may find it time consuming, but it can turn out to be a great proposition. So keep a tab on newspaper classifieds, information on online bulletin boards and neighborhood grocery boards to know about garage sales. It is always a great idea to check out garage sales in posh neighborhoods. Here you may find well maintained and expensive furniture at very low prices.

If you are smart, you can buy great looking furniture at a heavily discounted price. If the furniture you buy appears too simple, you can use your creativity to make it look terrific. For instance, you can place colorful mosaic tiles on your simple coffee table to add a dash of panache. So you see, money is not that big a constraint for buying furniture.

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Erin Emanuel