A stylish living room brings an entire home together

Few spaces in the home receive as much use as the living room. Sure, the bedroom might technically be where you spend the most time – but the living room is where memories are made. Because of this, it’s important that a good, solid set of living furniture be picked out and chosen that suits your style.

Sofa Set


Pick a great sofa that is both stylish and large enough for your personal needs.

The sofa is where most people will sit. Guests will often be offered the sofa, and there’s nothing like a lazy afternoon nap kicked back in front of the television. Once you’ve chosen your sofa, arrange it before setting up the rest of the room; make it the focal point.

Choose a coffee table that matches the sofa.

Coffee tables and end tables are necessary parts of any room. Choosing a table set that matches the sofa is important in bringing the entire room together; however, you should also keep in mind the type of wood. Some types of wood do not handle moisture well, and it’s likely that these tables will be used to hold drinks and snacks. It’s always best to also pick out a set of coasters that match the tables.

Select a recliner that suits your tastes.

While a recliner is an important part of the living room, it’s employed more for private usage than anything else. For this reason, pick a recliner that you enjoy and that moves easily. Some parts of the living room should be yours and yours alone, without usage by guests in mind.

Choose lamps that can be adjusted.

Many kinds of lamps come with just two settings: full brightness or off. This isn’t very suitable when it comes to having guests over; for instance, you don’t want to flood the entire room with light while you are entertaining. Sometimes it’s best to use more subdued lighting. However, when reading, you would want an area with more light. Finding lamps for the living room that allow you to adjust the brightness settings can solve this problem.

Use pillows and rugs to accentuate areas of the room.

A floor rug can subtly indicate different areas of a single room. If your home has a tea area, for instance, a single table and a few chairs under a window, you can place a rug there to designate it as such. All the same, you can decorate your sofa with throw pillows to emphasize its influence in the room. However, don’t forget about your walls and empty spaces – items such as houseplants or small works of art can go a long way. Less is often more.

A stylish living room brings an entire home together. By taking the time to go the extra mile and choose furniture that is not only functional but reflects your personal style, you can be sure to impress any guests you might have and get the full range of enjoyment out of your space.

Erin Emanuel