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BJ FOGG, Guest Speaker 25-09-2009 @ "Meet...

BJ FOGG, Guest Speaker 25-09-2009 @ “Meet the Media Guru” Milan/Italy, Persuasive Technology Lab/ Stanford University. (Photo credit: Meet the Media Guru)

If you have any real life experiences or original news stories that our readers might enjoy reading, please share them with us. We are particularly biased towards personal experience-led writing that keeps the readers glued to the article. As for how soon the article will be published, it depends on how interesting we think it is.

Though we welcome guest authors, we accept articles that are only of the highest quality and relevant to our readers. For now, we accept articles related to Home Improvement ONLY.

Strategies Online accepts only those articles which are interlinked with 2 or more internal pages on the blog.

Your Guest post must be in well-written English and have a minimum of 800 words. You should add at least 1 high res image that will be used as featured image for the post. We highly recommend adding one image for each topic covered in the post. It gives your post better visibility . You can email us your ideas in the form of a title to info [at] strategiesonline [dot] net. Once we approve the idea, you may start working on the article.

Posts with external links to commercial sites shall NOT be accepted as guest posts. If you are guest blogging on behalf of any agency or business client, check out our Sponsored Posts page.

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  1. Hello, I work for a fabric and tile cleaning company in Jacksonville, Florida and we are interested in writing an article for you blog. We have a wide range of expertise and are open to writing about anything. We will provide 100% original content from an expert source. We have provided a few possible titles below, but if you have a specific topic in mind we would be happy to write about it.

    “DIY tile and grout cleaning”
    “Best Practices for Protecting your Marble and Granite”
    “Should I put Natural Stone in my Shower”
    “How to choose the best Carpet Cleaning Company”

    Let me know if any of these titles work for your, or if you have a specific topic in mind. Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.


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