Super Remodel That Fits Your Budget

This is the time you have decided to renovate your house. Before you embark on the renovation, there are things you need to consider in order to make your renovation a success and within your budget. If you adhere to this step by step guide, you will be able to come up with a super remodel that will be within your budget. The main thing is to know what you want to renovate and have an actual figure of how much you want to spend on the renovation. Problems with renovation budgets are mostly as a result of poor planning. Some people start a project and when they are almost a half way, realize that, what they have done is not what they had planned to do, thus, starting all over again and trying to fix the problems they didn’t foresee and skyrocketing the project budget.


To make sure that you operate within the budget and without having regrets, here is an outline of what is involved in planning a typical home renovation:

How bad Does Your Home Require Renovation

For a start, make sure that you assess your home and know to what extend it requires renovation. If you cannot do it on your own, employ the help of a professional who can give you advice. At this stage, getting an architecture, an engineer or builder can come in handy. Get extensive advice on what will be required to make your renovation a success. Write down all the pros and cons that exist in your current structure and then work on the negatives and know beforehand, how much is needed to rectify the damage.

Have a Checklist For Your Renovation Plan

Get everything on paper and pen. Every little step you want to undertake during the renovation should be penned down. This way, you will not start doing things on impulse and burst out your budget. Try to prioritize your items so that those you cannot do without are placed at the forefront on your checklist. Everything, from the functional to the structural to the styling perspective, should be written down on a checklist. With an organized plan, you will be able to exercise your discipline and stick within your budget. This will also help you when you are doing your bidding. Using your checklist, you can get quotes from different contractors, compare their prices and then settle for the one with the best quote combined with professionalism.

Better Ask For Advice Than Be Sorry

During renovation, depending on where the renovation is being done, you may need to comply with the building laws. Make sure you check out with the council’s planning officers to make sure you have all the requirements as far as licensing for renovation is concerned. Penalties for lack of licenses might affect your renovation costing and also halting it, causing unnecessary delays. Get everything right so that you have a renovation without a hitch.

Professionalism Involvement is a Must

When doing a major renovation, hiring a professional on site might save you some dollars. Trial and error are expensive. Get a professional designer, architect and draftsman on site. His professional advice is very important.. Look at online sites that provides peer reviews of contractors to enlist the help of top professionals who know their job right.

Employ a Builder

Get multiple quotes from different builders before settling up on one. Find a builder you could entrust with your whole renovation process. If the builder is managing the project for you, then he will book for the electricians, plumbers and other trades. Otherwise employ a project manager to manage the project within your budget.

Secure Your Finances

There are 2 ways you can finance your renovation: by refinancing your current loan using the existing equity in your home or by taking a loan. Better to take a loan. Home improvement using the home equity line of credit is expensive. It will keep you indebted forever. Get a loan, do the renovation and pay back the loan as soon as possible. Go for a loan you know you can repay fast – work within your limits. It will be wise to contact your banker for more information on available options.

Pay Attention To Details

You are the boss. If you are worried that things aren’t working the way you want them to, speak out. And while you may be preoccupied with the renovation of the internals, remember things like landscaping are also important to come with the final super remodel that you are yearning for. Plan them from the start too, and include them in your budget.


Draw the right budget and stick to it. Your checklist is your guardian angel, hold onto it dearly and it will save you from the wild impulse decision you might have made in its absentia. Go for cheap but quality alternatives; for those surfaces and items which are not in bad shape, retain them and use quality but affordable paint to revitalize them; try to narrow the project to fit your pocket before you embark on it. On your actual budget, add an extra 20% for unforeseen eventualities which might occur during the project.

Save every penny by working within your budget; plan wisely.

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