How To Tackle The Mattress Cleaning Issue? It’s Easy!

Spending 1/3rd of the total 24 hours a day in bed means worrying about the mattress is a natural thing.  Not all the people could afford to buy a new mattress; some go for used mattresses. Buying a used mattress isn’t a bad option, provided you know how to clean the used mattress and make that the sound sleep-friendly. On the lines below, you will come across some easy to follow ways to clean the used mattresses.

Cleaning a mattress doesn’t require that the mattress is used, if you are using a mattress then that also needs frequent cleaning. How to clean a mattress? Keep reading to know!

Mattress Cleaning

Your Sleeping Partners Are Many!

According to research, a pillow, after 2 years of frequent use, carry 1/3rd of the dead skin cells, dead dust mites along with their feces, and bugs. The research involves hundreds of pillows and there was huge living contamination found outside the pillow.

How To Kill Mites?

  • Dust mites can be killed by keeping the pillows in freezer for 24 hours or by washing them at 60C.
  • To tackle the dust mites, use the upholstery attachment onto the vacuum cleaner.
  • Acquire professional mattress cleaning service. Mostly, mattress cleaning service providers use a vacuum cleaner that is of high power and clean 99.7% of the total waste material.

How To Remove Dust And Soil?

  • Shampoo or detergent can be used to remove soil or dust particles from the mattress. Dry the mattress under sun or fans.
  • Many cleaning companies offer killing the spores, viruses, and bacteria from the mattress by using a chemical-free disinfectant.

How To Kill Bed Bugs And Other Crawlers?

Use a hygienic mattress spray to kill insects onto the mattress. Make it sure that the spray is anti-bacterial and serves as an insect repellent as well.


How To Tackle Spills?

Soak the extra liquid by using dry towel. Apply vinegar spray and wait for 10 minutes. It will help removing the odor. Apply baking soda and leave that for 12 hours. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the extra baking soda.


  • Change the mattress direction every six months.
  • Use a mattress cover to keep the mattress safe from bed bugs and dust mites. Do check whether the mattress covers, cover the mattress completely to avoid invasion of the insects.

Whether you change the bed sheets regularly or you have bought a new mattress, you have to clean that frequently. It will not only keep the mattress safe from living things, but will also enhance the life of the mattress. How good it is to sleep on a mattress that is free from bugs?

Pay attention to your sleeping partner, your bed mattress!

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This post is written by Peter North, a professional writer, working with a firm offering service of house cleaning in Abu Dhabi. The firm provides a complete range of services to keep the houses clean and free from insects.

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