Taking Care of your Sofa or Sofa Bed

If you are the type of person who frequently has staying guests over, and you run out of available bedrooms, having a sofa bed is a great option to have. Even having a nice big comfortable sofa, is always an option for a person to sleep on. Whether your sofa is made from leather, plush material, or fabric, if you take good care of your sofa, or sofa bed, you can make sure that it lasts for a long time. This in turns means you will not have to replace it as quickly, ultimately saving you money. All for a little bit of maintenance and cleaning!

Sofa Bed


Keeping the Colour

Hopefully you choose a good colour for your sofa or sofa bed, as satin white looks great for a while, but even with regular cleaning loses it shine after a while. If you are looking to purchase one in the near future, then keep the colour in mind when choosing. You may see something which looks really good in the showroom, but you need something which is going to be practical and last over time. You will find a wide range of sofas and sofa beds at Plush, so it should be easy to find something suitable. Whatever your sofa bed or sofa is made from, try and keep it out of direct sunlight, as well as away from fires and radiators, or any other heat source. This will help to keep the colour from fading and prolong the life of your furniture, helping to prevent cracked leather or any other material that is used.

Treating your Sofa

Cleaning with domestic products may bleach your sofa over time. A much better solution is to get your sofa or sofa bed treated, with an anti stain treatment, which helps to stop liquids from entering the material. This is something that you may need to do now and then, but it is worth the effort to look after your furniture, especially if it is comfortable. If you do have a leather sofa, you may also wish to use a leather balm on a regular basis, which will help to keep the material soft and supple, as well as bringing out the shine.

Regular Cleaning

You will need to make sure that you dust your sofa regularly, and you may also wish to use a damp cloth for this, as well as a feather duster. Make sure you remove all of the cushions, and fold the bed out, using the vacuum cleaner to get all the bits of dust. You should make sure that your sofa bed is not folded up with the sheets already on it as you will need to add these every time you wish to use it. Be sure to oil the mechanism of your sofa bed lightly, to keep the mechanism operating smoothly.

Cleaning up a Spill

If you do spill something on your sofa or sofa bed, and it has been treated with an anti stain coating, you should be able to blot up the liquid quite easily. A little soda water can often be good as well to help lift any particles from the surface. This will be the same for an untreated surface, although you will need to do a bit more scrubbing to get the stain out. Use detergents liberally as some of these products may bleach your furniture, leaving an even bigger stain. You can also use the services of a professional cleaning company if you have a stubborn stain to remove.

Erin Emanuel