Temperature Monitoring for Food Industry

Measuring temperature in the food industry is essential to maintain food quality and consistency. Temperature monitoring is vital throughout the manufacturing processes including cooking, chilling, freezing, storing and redistributing to name a few. All of these processes include some form of temperature management which is related to limiting the loss of the quality of food products, increase in safety and limiting waste of manufactured products.

The Celsius System is a useful and verified system for non-invasive measuring the core and the average temperature of food products. In this infographic we have described how the correct temperature measurement is important to the food industry and why the Celsius is an important tool for meeting industry temperature goals and decrease waste applied to frozen, hot and chilled food in comparison to usual temperature measurement devices.


Author Bio: Steve Collins is working as a Marketing Manager at McQueen Cairns Technology, a company which provides food temperature monitoring solutions. Apart from writing, he likes to share growth hacking tips to help small businesses in achieving their goals.


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