The Advantages of Sleeping on a Wyoming King Mattress

Picking out a mattress involves making so many different decisions. On top of selecting a mattress with just the right amount of firmness, you will also need to think about the size. A Wyoming king mattress is wider and longer than a traditional king-sized one. At 84” x 84”, you will find that this style of mattress offers several advantages over the others that transforms your bedtime experience.


Reduce Nighttime Wake Ups from Your Partner’s Activities

Do not worry, you can still snuggle on an over-sized double mattresses. However, it is also a great feeling to know that you have enough room to spread out when you are ready to sleep. Many couples deal with issues such as having different work schedules or sleep disorders that can wake the other partner up. All the extra space that you get on a super-sized mattress means that those little snores and rollovers will not leave you tossing and turning.

Give Taller Adults Enough Space to Spread Out

A traditional king size mattress is only 80 inches long. For people who are over six-feet tall, this does not leave much room for sleeping comfortably. Those extra four inches make it possible for anyone who is over average height to be able to sleep without their feet dangling awkwardly over the edge of the bed.

Enjoy More Comfortable Family Bed Sharing

Many families today embrace co-sleeping for the benefits it has for helping young children to sleep through the night and encouraging family bonding. Whether you have several kids or one that is getting bigger, it is worth having enough room for everyone to have some space. A Wyoming style mattress is also much wider than traditional ones, which means that you can fit all your kids in bed without feeling cramped.

Create Room for Your Large Dog

When it comes to bed sharing, you might not want to leave your favorite pet out. Inviting your dog into your bed gives you a sense of security, and it might be impossible to tell your pet no. A wider and longer mattress lets you direct your pet to the area where you want them to sleep. Whether they rest at your feet or curl up beside you, you will be able to enjoy their presence without having them too close to your face.

Make the Best Use of a Big Room

Builders are making master bedrooms bigger than ever, and it is possible that even a traditional king-sized bed will look dwarfed in a large room. The square shape of a Wyoming mattress fits better into the aesthetics of a room that is open and spacious. When you combine this with the right bedding, you will discover that the bed becomes a major focal point that enhances the space.

Feel a Sense of Luxury at Bedtime

With this type of mattress, you can enjoy that hotel-feeling every night. There is something about jumping into a bed that has enough room to spread out and sleep without feeling like you could fall off if you cross its borders. You will also enjoy having the right level of softness to help you sleep without sinking into the surface too far. When it comes down to it, a large mattress generates a luxurious feeling that contributes to more restful sleep.

If you have ever spent a night scrunched upon a mattress that is too small, then you already have an idea of why you need a Wyoming king mattress. Being able to stretch out as you need and avoid the disruptions of sleeping with others helps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy each new day.

Erin Emanuel