The Must Have Garden Accessories

People often focus on the household interior, and forget about the creative exterior space.  Bring the comfort of the indoors outside, in designing the most sublime setting for you to savour, all those special moments, and take in the pleasures of the great outdoors!


Garden Gazebos

A garden must-have accessory is the Gazebo.  The most practical and sophisticated pop up essential that every outdoor space needs.  If you’re new to the hype, a convenient size option would be a 3m Gazebo for your garden, to compliment any barbeque, or children’s party event.  With a robust frame and waterproof canvas, you will be protected from the great British weather all year around.  Rain or shine, you can use it as a party tent, complete with pop up bar, or perhaps transform it into an arts and crafts space for the little ones, whatever the occasion, the trusty Gazebo has you covered!

Gardening Tips

Keeping a well maintained Garden

Many homeowners opt out of mowing the lawn or laying flower beds, and leave it to a professional gardener.  A well-kept garden doesn’t have to be such a big ordeal – there are many options available to help keep your outdoor space as orderly as Grandma’s front sitting room.  Why stop with the DIY indoors, when you can carry on the trait outside, – who knows you may even catch a tan whilst working.  Use trowels to turn your compost, plant some exquisite flowers, and be sure to invest in a hosepipe to maintain all your efforts.  Perhaps you can leave the stubborn raking, and weeding to your better half, whilst you chill with a cool glass of lemonade.  Take a look at some of the plant and seed options available, as well as how to prepare your lawn for successful growing.

Garden Displays

Light up the patio with lavish lanterns, candles and twinkling fairy lights, or add garden crates and props to create the relaxed ambiance every outdoor setting needs.  Bring style and elegance to your home from an array of beautiful designs.  The small details in accessorising your garden, separates the mundane from the spectacular!  A set of goal posts is a familiar sight in many outdoor spaces, however a light breezy evening with your loved one and a large vino is often overlooked, creating the ideal setting for this, to share not just with your partner, but friends and family, will ensure you’re the most splendid of hosts.

Family, Friends and Fizz!

Arguably the most important thing after food is most definitely fizz! Unless you’re a fan of the liquid diet!  There’s no better place than hosting an entertaining soirée in the garden.  Whether you’re basking in the scorching sunshine, cool beer in hand, or dancing the night away with makeshift cocktails, a drink is all you need to meet the requirements of a perfect party.  Fancy yourself as a gourmet chef, |(the red wine in hand probably helps), or if you’re saving that bottle of something special for when the kids are in bed, whenever you decide to let loose, and whatever poison you choose, it can only serve as one of the most important garden accessories.  After all, what party is complete without a good mixture of people, food and plenty of drinks.

Erin Emanuel