The Ultimate Guide to Hiring the Best Snow Removal Service for Your Home

When the weather turns chilly and heavy snow blankets your driveway, snow removal is a routine task. In any part of winter living, while homeowners can complete this back-breaking work themselves, an outside service should do it for them by using proper techniques that use specialized tools which are designed specifically for safely clearing driveways.

The Minneapolis area is usually known to have harsh weather especially the Winter Season. The last thing you want to worry about on your beautiful day is whether or not clearing out snow from the driveway will be safe. Thankfully, by hiring the best Minneapolis snow removal service, you save yourself from the unnecessary cost, issue, and other considerations.

Common Snow Removal Service

Snow removal service is a popular choice for people who would want the snow and ice buildup of their homes to be cleared. It’s a fact that most homeowners are ensured that their property can get past any snowstorm that comes its way. A good plow or removal service will clear away all obstacles in front of it, making sure you are able to easily leave on time and go back again if necessary!

  • Snowplowing

This is the most common type of snow removal service, and it’s also one that you can get your hands on for a pretty cheap price. It will be able to clear away all kinds of ice and snow from driveways, sidewalks, garages, or simply out from your way.

  • Snow-blowing

If you’re looking to clear away snow from your property, this is the service that will let you do it. Using a snowblower machine, they’ll be able to remove all kinds of ice and build-up that are on your grass or lawns.

  • Emergency snow or ice removal

This is one of the most popular services that come out during winter. It’s not something to do on a daily basis, but it will be able to help get rid of any snow or ice that may have fallen. This service is most appropriate for times where you’ll get stuck at home without being able to drive anywhere.

  • Snow-melting mat installation

Many people don’t even think about this service, but it’s one of the most helpful ones out there. This mat will be able to help melt all that snow and ice around your house before it builds up into something you can’t handle on your own.

Snow Removal Services Cost

The cost of hiring a professional snow removal service can vary depending on the size and complexity of your home. Services charge between $120-$130 per month, or they may offer fixed prices when purchasing one-time services such as clearing sidewalks in front yards near busy roads. Commercial properties typically pay around 450-900 dollars every time there’s an accumulation event happening within its boundaries — the price varies based on how much the terrain needs attention.

Reasons Why You Need a Snow Removal Service


The best way to avoid a snowy emergency is by taking precautions before the storms arrive. Calling an emergency snow removal service as soon as you notice that there’s been too much accumulation on your roof or windows can help keep them from becoming chipped and brittle during the hard-hitting winters!

Roof Damage

A home’s roof is one of its most important features. It keeps you safe from the elements, provides shelter for family and guests — but what about when it snows? The weight on top can cause caving if there are no protections put into place beforehand.

Home Leakage

Leaks caused by ice dams can lead to a host of problems, including leaking inside your house.

Non Emergencies

  • Blocked Passageway

When you’re unable to clear snow from your property, it can cause huge problems. For example, an emergency might require that people are allowed back into their homes after being stranded by heavy storms and subzero temperatures for days on end with no means of transport.

  • Black Ice

Black ice occurs when freezing fog forms on road pavements. Snow removal companies are equipped to safely clear driveways of black ice, which can pose a safety threat.

When it comes to snow removal, the professionals have the knowledge of every type of snow removal service they offer. With a lot of experience and expertise in handling all types of storms, these guys have your back when you need help getting rid of those difficult wintertime slushies!

Make sure not only look at cost but also how long has this company been around? Consider every aspect possible before deciding on which snow removal expert to contact, it’s important to evaluate cost, experience, and professional background.


Erin Emanuel